Dou Huang believes that he should be serious with his strength and professional attributes. This guy is definitely not his opponent. It seems that he will play if he kills him.
Thinking about the high wind, the emperor turned around Ye Tian carefully again, and faced the emperor forcing Ye Tian to close his eyes again and stay there quietly, but this time no one would ever recognize him as dying.
Finally, after a fierce meal, the emperor’s body turned into a yellow light again, and a thin sword flashed from the rear toward Ye Tianhou’s heart. But this time, he made a five-component force. Once Ye Tian tried to avoid it, he could always change the sword path and cut Ye Tian into two parts.
Facing the stab of a sword from behind, Ye Tian smiled slightly. At the same time, Ye Tian’s right hand suddenly swung behind the sword hanging on his right waist.
Ding is ringing, and the thin sword of Dou Huang accurately hits the position of Ye Tianhou’s heart. Unfortunately, it is in the scabbard of Ye Tiantian’s sword armor. I don’t know when it stopped there. This sword is in the scabbard.
Feel the scabbard to vibrate. Ye Tian smiled coldly. When I got home, I slammed it in the dull sound of the bucket emperor’s waist and abdomen. If his posture is good enough, he can kick the ring.
After five or six steps in a row, the emperor stopped at the edge of the ring and turned pale. He knew very well that although he had paid enough attention to his opponent, he still underestimated him again. This is a must-do to defeat his opponent.
Wiped the corners of the mouth blood flurry bucket emperor finally entered the state of strength, fierce a grind flurry bucket emperor speed Mercedes up, this time he will exert the strongest ability to completely defeat Ye Tian don’t make reservations against this game, he won’t accept the challenge today.
At that time, the wind was fighting faster and faster, and later, three faint phantom gyroscopes were pulled behind them, spinning around Ye Tian like crazy.
Swish swish finally flurry bucket emperor strongest attacked the fast Mercedes flurry bucket emperor constantly waving a rapier road golden quarrelling blade whistling in the past from all angles toward the leaf day.
At this time, Ye Tian slowly opened his eyes and his feet were moving gracefully, avoiding the flying quarrelling blade one by one. At the same time, Ye Tian was cold and said, three strokes have been answered, and it’s your turn to pick me up.
With a melodious sonorous mid-day, the long scabbard finally shone with silver light, and Ye Tianyi turned around and stabbed a sword in the front side.
Ah, watching this sword, the audience exclaimed. Everyone can see clearly that there is nothing at the root of Ye Tian’s thorn. Has he lost his mind?
Just as people wondered, the answer was revealed in an instant. With the high wind fighting and galloping at a high speed, Ye Tian’s sword, which seemed to sting, turned into a stroke of genius.
The audience can see clearly that when Ye Tiangang stabbed the sword, the Emperor of the Wind Fight was still five meters away, but when Ye Tianna stabbed the sword, the Emperor of the Wind Fight seemed to have taken the wrong medicine and sent his heart to the tip of the sword.
The biggest feature of the high-wind warriors is their speed. It is impossible for them to wear heavy armor. In fact, Dou Huang is wearing a light armor. Facing this sharp sword, this violent collision with the light armor is just a layer of paper, which makes no difference. Ye Tian feels that everything is completely over when he shakes his hand.
Staring at the sword that didn’t go straight into his chest, the emperor was completely transfixed by the fact that he had seen the sword clearly, but he was so fast that he could get away from it suddenly.
The biggest feature of the flurry warrior is speed, but it made him completely perish. Watching the flurry warrior gradually lose his spirits, Ye Tian couldn’t help sighing. Although the emperor was fast, he didn’t know enough about speed.
Speed is a sharp weapon, but a bad speed can also be fatal. One of the strongest and weakest points of China’s unified military is today’s battle, which is the best evidence of this view.
The emperor’s speed is really fast. He has made up his mind to avoid it. Ye Tian can’t catch up with the samurai. The weakest thing is speed. It’s impossible for the samurai to catch up with speed to eat.
However, it is not terrible to have no speed. You should be smart enough, but you can use the speed of others to let the enemy cooperate with you to complete the fatal blow. This is the highest state.
In fact, the first three moves are not the last fatal blow. Ye Tian just stepped in the previous step and put the tip of the sword in the right position. Don’t say quarrelling, even physical strength doesn’t consume much.
It’s very common, one step is very common, and almost anyone can do it with one stab, but it takes a lot of experience and strong conscious judgment to get this effect.
Satisfied with closing his eyes at this moment, Ye Tian felt that he was a Spanish matador, and his opponent was the mad bull. Although he was fast and strong, he still had to be played by the high matador.
Just as Ye Tian was secretly intoxicated with the bucket emperor’s body, it was quickly carried away. At the same time, a brand-new scarlet cloak was sent to the referee’s desk. This cloak is the symbol of the bucket emperor. No one except the bucket emperor can wear a red cloak. Anyone who dares to violate it will be hunted down by the master of the bucket field.
After two etiquette ladies, Ye Tian finally wore a scarlet cloak, which represents the Emperor Dou. Look at the scarlet cloak carefully. The four fist-sized dark golden skeletons represent Ye Tian as a fourth-order Emperor Dou.
Ye Tianqiao laughed when he looked at the scarlet cloak of King Dou lying at the foot. Then his goal was to add a dark gold crown logo to the cloak of King Dou. Yes, that is the winner of the King of Kings Challenge.
Chapter 17 Destroy the Decay
Looking at the stage wearing a scarlet cloak, Ye Tian Aileen Essien completely forgot that fear, something called reverence, quietly sprouted in their minds.
The longer Ye Tian is in contact with them, the more they can find that Ye Tian is powerful and even great. On the one hand, this is a perfect person, yes, not seemingly, but exactly perfect.
And not a little brother and sister thought that Ye Tian was satisfied with standing on the stage, not satisfied with defeating the emperor, but satisfied with his body. This cloak is cool enough.
The cloak is not beautiful. In fact, it is unique with its identity. Ye Tian has long wanted to get one with it. Unfortunately, this idea was realized before.
In this world, not everyone can wear a cloak, general, heroic status, and special talents are qualified to wear special status, including fighting the emperor

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