At this time, Yang Tian took ten pills for invigorating qi and directly shattered the vitality into the emperor’s body, and then helped him to quickly refine the truth. This emperor’s body Raytheon tactic finally started to turn around.
You xuaner
They waited silently for a moment, and the emperor finally opened his eyes. At this moment, his eyes flashed off when he looked at the people. Then his eyes were firmly fixed on Wenxuan’s face.
Father Xuaner is back.
Wenxuan couldn’t help jumping into the emperor’s arms any longer.
Honey, you’re back. Father will never see you again.
The emperor seemed a little excited and hugged Wen Xuan tightly. Tears rolled in his eyes.
All right, baby, are these immortals? They must have saved me. Please introduce me to my father.
Immediately after the emperor is the emperor instant pressure excited mood to conceive Chinese xuan smiles to say
Wenxuan smell speech immediately introduced Yang Tiansan to the emperor one by one, and introduced the little black one by one.
Don’t move lightly when you are seriously injured. We are all from the same family. We need to pay tribute to the younger generation. We are waiting for this mountain to help us fight the chaos.
Yang day immediately sink a way
That’s great. Grandpa Wang, get your clothes quickly. It’s already in the way.
When the emperor heard the news, his spirit was once again radiant. Where did he lie down and want to get up?
Father is not in a hurry at this moment. They are all good friends of Xuan’s son. Wait a minute.
Wen Xuan saw Yang Tian one eye face reddish urged.
Haha, silly son, my father is physically exhausted at the moment, but he is slightly weak and needs to be advised again.
The emperor gave Wenxuan a spoiled look and laughed. Wenxuan nai waited on his clothes.
Xuaner’s external situation
The emperor was ill for many days, and the situation of the palace was under control. Immediately after he got up, he resumed his strategic momentum.
At this time, who can know more about the distribution of power in the palace than Yang Tian, let alone the palace? Even a thunder emperor city is in Yang Tianshen’s mind, and immediately the emperor will know the situation in detail.
You need to tell me who you want to get rid of, and where you want to go, we can make your wish come true instantly.
Yang Tian h novel finished simply way
Hehe, well, I believe in your strength, but this matter is urgent. Let me find out the current situation of the empire first, and then I’ll trouble you, Wang Gonggong, the imperial commander, to come to see the carbuncle. Just say that the carbuncle can’t make it, and you should make a testamentary edict. Well, remember not to expose flaws
The emperor smile to appease all sentence immediately to the old eunuch way
Old minister’s command
The old eunuch was obviously in a good mood at this time, and after saluting, he trembled, but his steps were much lighter.
Father, isn’t the imperial commander Yu Wentong’s uncle? Does he also have second thoughts?
Wen Xuan smell speech confused way
Alas, my father was willing to believe that san huang’s brother would betray me, but when I fell ill, none of my confidants could approach carbuncle. Isn’t that a problem?
Emperor nai lamented.
Should we avoid one?
Yang Tian asked
Hehe, I’ll trouble you, Xuaner. You should avoid it first.
The emperor smell speech at Yang day deeply smiles to say
In the emperor’s surprised eyes, with the faint white light flashing, Yang Tian and several people immediately disappeared. Although they knew they were still here, they found clues.
Father, we will always be by your side.
Wen Xuan’s voice is heard.
The emperor immediately smiled and immediately sat in a grave danger. The great momentum of the martial artist was mixed with the majesty of the emperor and immediately filled a bedroom.
Chapter two hundred Buddhist Hu Qinglong

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