Anyasi’s face "shows" the score "color" again. She turned around and flew away in the direction of the array.
Anya fell in front of the Mahayana master and said, "I can find the black The Hunger thief. Would you like to catch him with me?"
The Mahayana monk didn’t expect Anya to go and return, but when he heard Anya say so, he hesitated a little and nodded and replied, "Of course, I’m willing to call some people to wait a moment."
"Well, go ahead, but don’t bring Du Jie monks. They can’t help you. It’s best to bring a master who can decorate a large array of dark seals." Anya nodded "Pay" to the way.
Brother Mahayana took a lot of time to find two Mahayana masters and a Du Jie monk.
"An Yaxian, if we can wait for the master of the main hall to come over, we are more likely to take the black The Hunger thief," suggested Brother Mahayana.
"We can’t wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait." Anya shook her head and said.
"Fairy is very considerate, so please ask the fairy to lead the way," said the Mahayana master.
Anya didn’t dawdle away. She was worried for a long time. Xiao Lingyu will drop the refining of her sword force. When the time comes, it will be impossible for her to find Xiao Lingyu again.
At this time, Xiao Lingyu is still driving idolize in the dark big six high school, but she doesn’t know that Anya has come to kill him with a large number of masters.
"I’m short of the last few strands of sword force to kill them, so I can recover quickly. That little girl’s big move is really very powerful."
Xiao Lingyu took a short rest, but after a word, she flew to a sea as far as the eye can see.
To his surprise, the sea is not blue, but dark, as if this Wang Yang is ink.
That’s not the point. What makes Xiao Lingyu strange is that after idolize flew to this sea, it was involuntarily reduced by half, and there was a tendency to fall.
"The gravity here seems to be stronger, and the density of sea water is actually higher than that of Da 6 mud stone!"
Xiao Lingyu was very surprised but didn’t stop in idolize.
After flying in the Black Sea for about half an hour, Xiao Lingyu was closing his eyes and healing. Suddenly, he felt that he was falling sharply. He quickly opened his eyes and scanned it.
At this time, idolize is like an extraterrestrial meteorite, falling toward the darkness, and Xiao Lingyu looks at an island that is not too small.
The island is as dark as the sea, not only the rocks and soil are black, but also the trees, flowers and grass.
The Black Sea, which was still quiet, was very violent near the island. The black "color" sea "waves" were stacked from a distance and slammed on the island reef or cliff to make a deafening roar.
Despite Xiao Lingyu’s efforts to control idolize and stabilize him, Naide put idolize away, but he still smashed into the black "color" rock on the island coast like a meteor.
Such a drop plus Xiao Lingyu’s body, which is comparable to the spirit device, turns out to be a method to smash the body rocks. It can be seen that the ordinary rocks on this island are also very good refining materials than hard ones.
Hoo … Boom!
The sea "waves" beat against the coast, and the dark sea water will be far away from the coast rock in the future. Xiao Lingyu got wet and a pungent smell of sea water poured into Xiao Lingyu’s nose, which made him sneeze.
"It’s so cool that I haven’t sneezed for a long time." Xiao Lingyu got up and said with satisfaction.
But Xiao Lingyu, who had just stood up, couldn’t help shivering because he felt a little chilly.
"What a strange place," Xiao Lingyu said with a frown.
He tried to jump up and fly three feet from the ground, and then continued to here. The ground gravity was very strong on him, as if there were several vines tied his feet, and there was a mountain on his head.
Even a flying spirit can fly over Xiao Lingyu from this island, and even if you don’t want to fly too high, you can’t fly too fast
"I’d better take a look at this strange island first, maybe I’ll get something."
So comfort yourself Xiao Lingyu is dragging a slow pace to the central line of the island.
Anya soon flew to the Black Sea shore with a group of masters of dark earth. Anya wanted to move on, but the Mahayana monk said, "Anyaxian, this is the Black Dragon Bay. There are a number of dark dragons living here with very violent sexual feelings. All of them are strong, and there is another one who has survived the five robberies. They have been living in peace with our Terran monks, but we are not allowed to break into their territory without authorization. I think we should wait for the master of the General Temple to come over and" make friends "with these black dragons. Let’s see if we can enter the waters of the Black Dragon Bay.
Chapter 7 Dark Seal Large Array
? "It’s not right. If the thief leaves us halfway, he will miss the opportunity. Can you believe it?" Anya shook her head and said
"Xian Dake can rest assured that the unusual place of this Black Dragon Bay is that it is not so easy for him to leave here. The gravity here is very large, and even the horoscope is difficult to fly across. Once he accidentally flies to an island, he will fall directly. Maybe those grumpy black dragons will kill him before we start work." A Mahayana monk explained with a smile.
"If you know that he is not a black The Hunger sect to specifically collude with these black dragons? Once they reach an agreement, this dark continent will even become a black The Hunger Sect, "Anya said with a smile."
"This ….." The Mahayana monk was speechless.
"It’s not without this possibility that these black dumplings have never accepted the jurisdiction of the General Hall, and they have never given us a good look at the General Hall. It’s really different from my race!" A monk who looks fairly steady in Mahayana said
"I’ll send a message to the elders of the main hall first, let them negotiate with the black dragon strong, and then we’ll go in and find someone. If those black dragons don’t allow us, we can prove that they do have infidelity. If they agree to be here, we will come without the help of the black dragon strong. It is absolutely impossible for the black The Hunger thief to leave the Black Dragon Bay soon." The monk Mahayana said very calmly when he first met Anya next to the battle.
After some news, Anya and her party had to move on, and soon after they entered the Black Dragon Bay, a Mahayana dumpling surfaced. It didn’t come to lead the way or lead the way, but to keep an eye on Anya and her party. If anything goes wrong, it will immediately sound a dragon song alarm, and a large number of black dragon masters will come.
At this time, Xiao Lingyu has reached the middle of the island and saw a valley surrounded by mountains.
There are layers of prohibitions at the entrance to the valley, and the whole valley is surrounded by a polar array.
Xiao Lingyu went outside the entrance to the valley and saw a tall, straight stone wall engraved with the words "Black Dragon Tomb".
The Black Dragon Tomb … turned out to be a graveyard …
This is a forbidden area. Xiao Lingyu is very strange here. He dare not make a move and just grope around this valley to other parts of the island.
Anya and others were outside the island at this time, but just as they were about to enter the island, the black dragon, which had been following them during the Mahayana period, flew out of the sea, dragging more than 2,000 feet across the island shore like a great steel wall. It leaned back and said, "This is the forbidden area for my black dragon clan. Unless my black dragon brother is allowed to enter it, please make a detour."
"But the person we are looking for is in your forbidden area," Anya said, narrowing her beautiful eyes.
"That won’t do unless there is a big elder’s consent." The Mahayana Black Dragon said strongly that the big elder in its mouth was the five-robbery demon who repaired the black dragon.
"I’ll send another message to the main hall," a Mahayana monk said to Anya.
Soon after, two Mahayana black dragons came from the sea. They said to the black dragon across the coast, "Elder Murray asked the three of us to go in with these Terran monks."
"Mogang, you can’t be mistaken. This is a forbidden area for our family!" Called Murray Mahayana black dumpling incredibly asked.
"There is no mistake. Let me have a hundred guts. We dare not fake the will of the elder," said another Mahayana Heijiao.
Murray listen to this just bitterly will plate up and let the road.
And these three black dumpling masters in Mahayana period were all dressed in a majestic Long Lin armor after Anya and others entered the island, but they are different from human monks in that they have two black dragon horns on their heads that have been reduced many times, and they are more burly, and they are all more than two meters tall and side by side. Their expressions are arrogant and domineering, just like three proud ares.
During the Mahayana period, the three masters of black dumpling monitored Anya and others to move quickly in the direction of Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu still doesn’t know his whereabouts, and he doesn’t know what this place is. He is wandering around the island.
Xiao Lingyu turned a circle without any gains and didn’t think of leaving here quickly.
It is definitely impossible to fly away. He can fly off the island first and then fly close to the sea for a while before he can drive the idolize.
Since there is no chance here, Xiao Lingyu has nothing to linger on, but when he makes up his mind to leave the island first, Anya and others have come to the door with three strong black dragons.
Far away, I felt the strong breath approaching, and Xiao Lingyu became nervous. When he saw Anya among the newcomers, his expression was even more wonderful.
"How did you get kissed? Did you want to blame me?" Xiao Lingyu licked his lips to make a poor aftertaste and said with a smile
"Hum! How can you escape from The Hunger’s shameful villain today? " Anya said dryly.
"I’m not a black The Hunger, but if you insist that I am, there’s nothing to explain. Of course, if you all come to trouble me, I can tell you responsibly that it’s better for you to run away quickly. I don’t always show mercy." Xiao Lingyu said with a lazy but confident attitude.
"Blow the atmosphere and don’t find a place. The wind here is too windy to flash your tongue carefully! I can even draw with you alone, plus these black mainland strong players and several black dumpling masters. Do you think you can still get away with it? " Anya said with a cold hum
"I really regret that I didn’t kill you directly in the transit star." Xiao Lingyu said faintly that her eyes had narrowed and her words were somewhat murderous.

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