I glanced at my watch when it was 11: 08: 03 on September 1, 1991.
Tick-tock, tick-tock and skip a few seconds.
It is impossible to be wrong when it is right, that is to say, I really forgot a lot of things and these people in front of me.
It’s hard to accept, but looking at these people seems to be true.
See a doctor. Did you hurt your head? The girl with the ponytail stretched out her hand and touched it. I looked around my head and muttered, I don’t remember what happened at that time. Now even you have amnesia.
Yeah, isn’t this a hospital? Just call a doctor. You wait here for me to call a doctor. You sissy slaps your head and suddenly realizes, and then rushes to the door.
I looked at the girl with a ponytail and asked, can you tell me how we met? What happened?
The girl with ponytail glanced at the girl in red and frowned and said, it’s a long story. Now I can’t tell you clearly. I’m afraid it’s hard for you to accept it. Let’s let the doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment first.
I nodded thoughtfully and looked at a few people. The expressions seemed dignified. Many things must have happened.
At this time, I felt a little pain in my shoulder, stretched out my hand and touched it. I should have been injured with a bandage on my shoulder, but I didn’t remember the shoulder injury at all
Fortunately, I have always been a calm person. Although I feel confused now, I am not so hysterical or desperately trying to remember anything.
However, it is not urgent to think slowly, but it seems that it is a good thing to lose your memory. Generally, you need to miss it too much.
Go back to bed and rest. After a long time in the room, the woman in the burning skirt said to me
I hesitated for a moment, but I turned around and went back to the bed to sit with such a group of people around here. Even if I wanted to leave, I couldn’t leave. I can wait until the doctor comes to see me.
After sitting back in bed, I asked if I could trouble you to introduce me. I’m really sorry for forgetting you.
There’s nothing to be sorry about, even if I forget it, it shouldn’t be you. Long Shaoyi said with a ponytail, let me introduce myself. My name is Tang Linger, nickname eleven, and I’m a killer and an archaeologist.
Tang Linger killer I am surprised to look at this woman, this very young woman. Does that mean that the female killer is a well-known killer in the killer organization? I didn’t expect that I would know such a person.
Tang Linger didn’t pause for a meal and then continued to introduce that this is pangolin named Long Xiaoshan. You are his savior and have been following you.
Long Xiaoshan nodded his head after hearing Tang Linger’s introduction.
After introducing Long Xiaoshan, Tang Linger pointed to the woman wearing a red dress who brought Long Xiaoshan and said that the descendants of Ma Xiaolan exorcism family are in the same industry as you. How many times have you worked together?
I looked at Ma Xiaolan and nodded slightly and smiled. Although the surface of this woman is very cold, it makes me feel very familiar and seems to support this woman.
When Tang Linger pointed to Kyubi no Youko next to her and planned to continue her introduction, I said that she had already said that her name was Kyubi no Youko.
Well, I won’t introduce Tang Linger’s big eyes and a narrow smile.
And Kyubi no Youko said thoughtfully at my bedside, you know my name is Kyubi no Youko, but you must not know what I call Kyubi no Youko.
Speaking, the woman in a white costume suddenly rose with a faint white fog, and then a miracle happened. The fog dissipated. Almost at the same time, the woman was gone and she looked down and saw a white nine-tailed fox.
The fox’s eyes are very slender, just like Kyubi no Youko’s eyes. The nine-tailed fox jumped from the ground to the bed, looked up at me and said, I’m a nine-tailed fox, my name is Kyubi no Youko, and you are my master.
I can’t believe that when I look at this nine-tailed fox, I never know whether I have raised a fox or a fox. When did this happen? I have never been very cunning as a fox, but I don’t feel bored when I look at Kyubi no Youko.
Instead, I saw a man turn into a fox with my own eyes. I was surprised to find that I didn’t find it so hard to accept, but my heart was calm, as if it were normal at all times.
Tang Linger said to Kyubi no Youko, Don’t worry too much. When the doctor comes, you should know what the dragon is like. By the way, the dragon has forgotten to introduce you to the one by the windowsill.
Before Tang Linger finished, I interrupted Tang Linger’s words. I know the terrifying one. It seems that you all know it.
As I spoke, I looked over there and turned to look at me. The terrifying eyebrows frowned slightly. I didn’t know when a hell flower jumped from the windowsill and then slowly came to me and threw it at me. Don’t forget that we are in harmony.
With that, the terrifying suddenly disappeared. Chapter IV The police came.
The sissy came in with the doctor.
Tang Linger told me that this is Hua unbeaten, nicknamed sissy, and you can call him sissy directly.
I suddenly want to smile and look at that flower. Still, the title of sissy suits him.
What is your Gherardini expression? Look at me and say I’m funny.
No, I shook my head
The patient needs to be quiet now. If you can’t be quiet, please go to the family first and talk to them behind Hua unbeaten
Kyubi no Youko jumped out of bed and regained his human form while the doctor was talking.
Hua unbeaten said that we are quiet and we don’t talk. Please show him if there is a brain problem. Why don’t you know anyone?
A few people around me stared at the doctor.
The doctor came up to me and asked me a few words
What’s your name?
Do you know where home is?
Do you know where this is?
I paused at Shengde Hospital and said, doctor, I have a memory problem, not an IQ problem. I forgot it was from April to now.

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