There are quite a few flying out of the country here in Lanzhou Military Region and arriving in Kazakhstan, but not here in shenyang military area command. The bases of the sea cucumber were all blown up by the Soviet Union. There are several intact large military bases here in Liaoning, but the chances of exposing the target by flying directly from Liaoning are unimaginable. In the past, there was a North Korean such a muck flying through the sea and infringing on the North Korean leader. This cargo will definitely jump higher than the world high jump champion. Bypass the Korean peninsula? Thunder long-range bombers are better, but bombers escort fighters
Even the J-12 heavy fighter can’t afford it. How much extra fuel is consumed? So much fuel is consumed. If we fly to Shanghai and fight with the Soviet Union for more than ten minutes, the remaining fuel will not be enough for them to go home! It’s really hard to fry sea cucumbers.
"Six leopards and a destroyer were dispatched to interfere strongly with North Korea. North Korea tore a corridor fleet and directly bombed his mother from this corridor!" Yang Silan said maliciously when he was planning.
Korea’s political commissar frowned "this is not good? It will cause diplomatic disputes! "
Will say, "We are all at war with the Soviet Union, and we are afraid of diplomatic disputes with Soviet thugs? Debt is not too much to worry about! "
ZongCan approved this plan ten minutes earlier than the Lanzhou Military Region Army. The fleet here in shenyang military area command took off early. Before the fleet took off, a destroyer wandered around the mouth of the Yalu River and took off its disguise. The strong magnetic storm roared toward the Korean peninsula. If it directly bombed people for less than a minute, it would make a big living person bake outside the coke and tender. The radar screen on the North Korean coast suddenly floated with light snow, followed by six leopards’ strong magnetic storm and frenzied fixed-frequency interference, which turned light snow into goose feathers and heavy snow. The coastal defense radar department from Sinuiju to South Pyongan Province has become deaf and blind. Over the years, it is not without cost to provide private assistance to the DPRK. There are almost no secrets in front of the Republic of Korea. Their anti-radar technology is clear to the Republic. The quality of the Korean People’s Army was quite good as soon as the black hand came quickly and ruthlessly. The horse knew that the situation was not right. The commander ordered the defense troops to be on high alert and reported to Pyongyang that many words could not get through. It was hectic for several hours, and the day lilies were cold and not arranged. After dawn, several fucking secret lines were sent to check. While they were noisy, dozens of fighter planes flew past the ridge. Some people in Yuanshan City didn’t sleep late at night. By the time they reacted, the fleet had disappeared from the radar screen-all flew low towards the sea cucumber.
Claiming to have 30,000 anti-aircraft guns, North Korea was inexplicably slapped in the face, but it was not light, and its face was swollen. Of course, they would automatically and consciously calculate this account to the south, which is determined to levy the Milky Way. If there was no North Korea blocking the earth, it would have been a buddy named Han. This incident will be included in the flat reason.
Two fifteen
The commander of the Second Artillery Corps dropped the camera and was shocked and murderous. "Fire!"
The mountains in the northeast are desolate in the northwest.
In the desert, there was a huge roar from one silo to another, and clouds of plumes and flames burst out from it, shaking the mountains with the anger and unyielding of the Republic. Forty df3 medium-range ballistic missiles soared into the sky, thirty flew to Kazakhstan, and ten flew to the four northern islands. The rumbling noise resounded through the sky as if the giant were furious and roaring.
Once again, the deadly blue-white beam cut through the night atmosphere, flying well outside the atmosphere. Ballistic missiles seemed to be hammered by Raytheon, and one after another exploded into a sky full of fire and rain. Forty ballistic missiles seemed to be beyond the coping capacity of the artillery units just after they were put into actual combat. The beams were hit several times, but it doesn’t matter. Two laser fighters modified by Il 76 transport aircraft joined the interception, and the fine green light accurately nailed the ballistic missile warheads hundreds of kilometers away. The high temperature caused the warheads to be deformed and burned through, and the charges inside exploded. Each missile was shot down one after another. Every missile was shot down.
It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long. When the two laser fighters were playing happily, two erratic light spots suddenly jumped from the horizon. When the signal lit up, four missiles broke from 40 kilometers away. The speed of Mach 4 infrared/radar dual-mode guidance was Viper iii! Where did these two fighters come from and how did they get close to being 40 kilometers away from themselves without being discovered by early warning aircraft and anti-radar The crew members of the two laser fighters were stunned, waiting for them to be two purples.
Chapter 43 The first wave of counterattack (2)
The two laser fighters were smashed into two balls of orange fireballs by two missiles, and the fire instantly lit up a sky. The two thunderbolts almost scattered the clouds on the horizon. The officers and men of the Soviet anti-radar forces were horrified. The eyes were full of Republic anger. China, Hawk, three planes in a group and three planes in a group appeared on the radar screen. In front of this cluster, there were two indistinguishable spots of light that looked like a fighter plane, but the radar reflection area was less than a page. What kind of monster is this?
They didn’t have a chance to ponder the strange signal on the screen. The J-12 stood upright like a furious hedgehog. Several anti-radiation missiles shot out from the pylon and pulled beautiful flames, and then the flames soared. A large lightning protection radar antenna exploded violently, and plastic bags flew like a day. A well-disguised car was also shot out by anti-radiation missiles. The smoke fragments from the skylight were shot out together. It was the inside of the radar soldier’s body fragments. The anti-missile unit launched an emergency defense. The missile suddenly seemed to have its head twisted off. The flies couldn’t die for a while, but they lost their direction and strayed around, but they refused to attack the fighters in the sky. There was no way to prevent missiles these days. Most of them relied heavily on anti-radar and were killed, so they lost their way and could be monkeys. However, this anti-missile unit at least played several Sam missiles, and another anti-missile even died worse than them. Even the enemy plane didn’t see an erratic light flash from the car’s anti-radar screen. Soldiers are wondering what this is. A 500-kilogram gas explosion bomb fell off. The body of the bomb shattered, liquefied gas, fuel and explosives splashed out, and a large amount of absorbed gas turned into yellow-white fuel cloud, which almost covered the anti-missile company’s position. The fuel cloud exploded and roared, turning into a small mushroom cloud the size of a basketball court. The temperature reached a thousand degrees, and the hurricane rushed over and swept away everything it could, including anti-missile launch vehicles, radar vehicles, armored vehicles and other heavy equipment. The core soldiers had already turned into powder, and the periphery was either suddenly blown to the horizon or both temperature and pressure.I’m a little shy from my nose and mouth. I really don’t know if it’s a piece of intestine or a lung unless I take it out!
"Well done, Bathawk!"
Fang Zhexiao, the commander of the fleet, was so excited that he almost cried. He was one of the first three-generation pilots in the Republic, or the top one. When he hit Annan, he was the captain of Feng Ling. However, after hitting Annan, he was assigned to the Lanzhou Military Region to devote himself to studying the tactics and strategies of the three-generation mobile warfare, while Ling Feng didn’t like this boring job. He continued to kill and set fire to the world with fighters-the school separated.
Every now and then, I will also go to the Yanlong Corps to help the country earn some foreign exchange. In those years, the country was poor, even the military pilots were paid very little. When the poor mother had to fight Indra desperately, the school had been promoted to the Lanzhou Military Region. Only one of the three generations of fighter pilots was equipped, and the head of the main group emerged in the South Asian War to command his main group. A total of 23 Indra fighters were shot down back and forth, and two pilots were shot down with two ace cards. It can be said that this one is still very young. Swinging an officer is an excellent officer with excellent theoretical and practical experience. This kind of officer is a powerful guarantee for the combat effectiveness of an army. If it is not important, the commander of the Seventh Army would be reluctant to let him command this almost suicide attack
The school has always disliked the bat eagle, which is too expensive. It’s too scary to buy five J-12s at the factory price. It’s more than enough to maintain it. It’s still very expensive to fly for one hour and consume invisible paint and various accessories. All together, 30,000 RMB can’t fight such an expensive fighter. It’s destined to make few more waves. Why do you have a few fighter fuselages with so much money? Wouldn’t it be better to save the money and equip them with more J-10 J-12 s? However, when I saw the J-14 entering the territory and dropping a bomb on the Soviet defensive position, and then flying back until the bomb exploded, the Soviet army didn’t know where the bomb came from. His dissatisfaction with those two ugly bat hawks vanished. Your sister’s point is to break the door in modern warfare. Hang more bombs on it and blow up your defensive network to see how you die!
Dozens of kilometers away, behind a sparse grassland, another mushroom cloud rolled up, and the bat eagle flew lightly against the explosion smoke cloud, which meant that another anti-missile became a bloodthirsty bat sacrifice, and the pants in the Sareshagan desert had been stripped off.
Sare Shagan base finally found a near-hand crisis, which has ignored the ballistic missiles that came in the middle of the night. It hastily turned the muzzle and a blue-and-white beam of laser came out. A fighter jet 12, which was more than 150 kilometers away, went out of the washbasin with a loud bang and a big hole. The airflow surged in and tore the cracks and flew well. The fighter plane was torn apart and turned into a ball of fire. "Fang Zhe laughed wildly now? It is too late! Your greatest luck is that we didn’t bring a long-range bomber that can launch cruise missiles, otherwise you don’t know how to die! " The flame of the turbofan engine with burning one’s bridges shot up a lot, and a circle of beautiful milky white sonic boom clouds flashed around the fuselage. The fighter plane soared from subsonic to supersonic and from supersonic to twice the speed of sound, like a huge missile hurtling towards that hateful base more than 100 kilometers away! The regiment has followed suit, and the speed is two Mach. It’s so fast to kill the captain. Of course not.
Maybe the ultra-low flight can be raised to 3 thousand meters, which will greatly increase the chance of being hit by the grain beam, but the grain beam base in the throat of the Second Artillery Corps, which is like a fishbone, is in front of us. Who cares if it will be shot down? Even if you get hit, you have to crash with people and planes and die with it!
The commander of the emaciated grain beam base looked at the screen like a mad tiger. Hawk was deeply immersed in her eyes, and her eyes slowly raised a ray of sharp and extremely sharp mans to make "give me a fire! Forget about those ballistic missiles and kill the most threatening fighters for me! "
The chief engineer’s fingers are flying like a keyboard, and a series of instructions are as dense as a shower. The screen is brushed quickly without seeing the weight. How does the particle beam launcher rotate? The blue-white beam flashes repeatedly. Every particle beam shoots, there must be a J-12 that is smashed by ling to attack the ground and low targets. However, it is not difficult to hit a 3,000-kilometer high school aircraft more than 100 kilometers away. The efficiency is even higher than that of a laser gun, and it can shoot 360-degree dead angles almost without rotating the launching platform, which is also beyond the laser gun. Although the mass is negligible, the armor-piercing ability of the bunches of particles after being accelerated to sub-light speed is better than that of armor-piercing projectiles. However, the blue-and-white particle bundles are like small copper armor-piercing projectiles flying at sub-light speed, and there is no third possibility if they are hit by the target body without continuous irradiation. However, if you want to reflect this intensity particle bundle to the reflector, the weight will be at least 40 to 50 tons. There is really no such thing as an aircraft installing it in itself, so it is hit by a 歼 12. First, you wear one. The big hole and then the energy spread, and the heat wave swept through the fuselage with a strong arc. The crew didn’t even have a chance to skydive. At the same time, a powerful interference made a buzzing sound, and the speed of terror magnetic storm blew to the roaring fleet. Its power was so terrible that even the radome came up with a blue arc. The tiger group was blindfolded, the screen was covered with snowflakes, and the platform was full of disturbing rustling wings, but it was difficult to connect.
It seems that the Soviet Union is not prepared for this. This is normal. If such a strategic weapons base near the border is relaxed and easily won, what is the name of the Soviet Union? The Soviet Union should be renamed Iraq, but will it be all right? So close, I can find the base from memory and throw the bomb away! Fang Zhe decisively changed the channel and temporarily got rid of the terrible magnetic interference by frequency hopping. Four leopards formed a diamond formation and rushed to the front. The fire was equally fierce. The speed of magnetic storm blew closer and closer to the particle beam launch base! The interference is also strongly interfered, although the interference intensity from the middle can not interfere with the ground.
Compared with it, it still caused some troubles, which greatly affected the particle beam launcher, causing a particle beam to accidentally fall out and brush past a J-12 fuselage. Strong magnetic interference made the fleet slow to respond and gave the particle cannon more launch opportunities. In a very short time, it fired four times in a row, and three J-12 planes were planted from the sky. At the same time, two anti-missile companies in the deployment base also shot Sam 6 anti-missile missiles, which rushed out of the launch box in twos and threes to pounce on the incoming fighters! The tiger group, which was about to kill, was surprised to find themselves in a trap with bamboo sticks everywhere!
At the critical moment, the two bat hawks pounced on the last two bombs again, and the last two bombs were speculative. At the same time, the laser beam could not be seen, and the target was firmly locked. These two 250-kilogram aviation bombs plunged from high school, and one crashed into the interference. The roaring shock wave turned the equipment more expensive than diamonds and more fragile than glass into a pile of worthless pieces. The sky was full of magnetic storms, while the other one was 100 meters low and boring. There was no fire and no shock wave, but it released magnetic pulses. In less than a second, Sam’s missile company’s command vehicle and radar vehicle emitted smoke, almost scrapped and played out. More than 20 Sam 6 s missed their targets. One of them was lucky enough to blow itself up, and the shrapnel tore a J-12 cockpit cover. The pilot sacrificed the fighter on the spot and was unwilling to plant it with a cavity.
Thanks to these two stealth fighters, otherwise I really don’t know how many people will be sacrificed.
Fang Zhe breathed a sigh of relief when the magnetic storm came to an abrupt end. He was a little grateful to the two J-14s, but he didn’t realize that his deployment with the stage was perfect tactically because he didn’t experience stealth fighters, but it was a mess from the strategic point of view of the campaign. There was no need to dispatch so many J-12s. They should hang a 500-kilogram explosive bomb or magnetic bomb to each of the two J-14s, so that they could go deep into the Soviet Union to blow up or paralyze the particle beam launching base with their excellent stealth performance and high subsonic cruise advantage! Of course, the characteristics of Soviet weapons are strong and resistant to operation. This base is even better known as the iron wall and iron wall. It is impossible to blow it up with two 500-kilogram explosive bombs. Magnetic bombs can also paralyze it for a while, but it is almost the same to make up for another round of east wind sweeping. Because there is no experience in stealth fighters, the Seventh Army regards the poison dagger of J-14 as a stepping stone to attack ground radar and radar vehicles, attach long-range missiles to it to attack enemy laser fighters or early warning aircraft to attach magnetic bombs to it to deal with large-scale ground interference .. The amount of stealth fighters is very limited.
The most critical particle beam launch base doesn’t hit the list! There is nothing we can do about it. It took a little more than a year from the successful test flight of the J-14 to driving the duck rack to hang bombs and missiles to carry out the danger. This is already jaw-dropping. Germany did not wait until the German Bundeswehr understood the essence of the Blitzkrieg theory before developing the tank double-headed eagle, let alone wait until the concept of cyber warfare was mature. It took a long time for the army to be equipped with new weapons with military brains and tailor-made tactical strategies. It was difficult for everyone to wrestle across the river by feeling for stones, but the tiger group was going to slide in the river, and they would have to pay a very heavy price.
Chapter 44 The first wave of counterattack (3)
The interference was blown up for days, and two anti-missile companies were blown up by magnetic bombs. The anti-network of Sareshagan base has been completely torn down.
The commander of the base is full of wrinkles and exudes dense cold sweat. The particle beam launcher is suitable for long-range attacks and hitting targets thousands of miles away. But now the wing knives of the Chinese military fleet have been mounted on their necks, and the distance is too close. The particle beam launcher has a feeling that it doesn’t work properly. This situation is like the Roman army fighting Marton with a dagger, while Marton soldiers are fighting with a spear seven meters long. Of course, Marton soldiers take advantage of it, but once the seven-meter long spear is stuck in front of them, there will be an extended neck and the commander will be slaughtered. "Fire! Fire! Shoot down these fighters! "
Unbreakable grain beams hit the tactics in front of this sub-light speed attack one after another, and there is nothing to avoid kinetic energy. Fighters have exploded and turned into balls of fire, but the chief engineer’s forehead has also come up with sweat-the Chinese fighters have lost one-third and come forward one after another! Once they get close to the range of gliding bombs, this strategic base, which cost nearly 10 billion rubles to build, will become a sea of fire! These Chinese military pilots are crazy, and they are so crazy that they will not hesitate to destroy the enemy when they are finished, which makes this almost uncontaminated physics master feel scared!
When the tiger group launched a moth-like attack on the particle beam launching base at any cost, the rolling thunder shook Jiuquan Xichang in the northwest, and the huge thrust from the nozzle of the rocket engine lifted the heavy rocket. Two huge Long March rockets rushed to the sky at night!
"report! China has launched two rockets! "
A staff member staring at the brain screen in the particle beam launching base called to get up.
The commander asked, "Is it a hot launch or a cold launch?"
The staff looked at the data from the satellite and affirmed that "the thermal emission characteristics are very obvious!"
The commander said, "That’s not an intercontinental missile. Never mind it. It’s important to kill all those fighters who don’t know how to live or die … Where the hell are the troops? Why haven’t they come yet!"
After listening to the commander’s words, the chief engineer paused for a second and knocked his finger neatly. At once, a leopard ling took more than ten seconds to arrive at the latest instruction, which also affirmed that the commander’s practice was to transport two rockets. What else can he do is to throw a few satellites into the sky to make up the screened satellite network? Intercontinental missile? Besides, until now, the Soviet Union has no intention of moving intercontinental missiles, and China will not be stupid enough.
To hit this box, you should know that the Soviet Union has a total of 10,000 intercontinental missiles! If you want to supplement the satellites, you can do it. Anyway, it will take several round trips for the snowstorm space shuttle to clear these satellites. It is important to keep this base!
"Mom is so fucking!"
Seeing that fighter planes were blasted one after another, Fang Zhe almost bit his teeth. If he had an original bomb in his hand, he would not hesitate to smash it and blow that damn particle beam launching base to pieces! Every time a fighter plane is hit, his heart twitches like a knife. Those dead pilots are all his good brothers! He roared a button and a ground-to-ground missile roared out. Almost at the same time, several J-12s launched ground-to-ground missiles at the same time. This ground-to-ground missile had an effective range of more than 100 kilometers and a limited weight, but it was scary to shoot it out. After that, J-12s felt like they were going to float.
The particle beam launcher horse diverted the fire. For it, these missiles approaching the ground at three times the speed of sound are far more than those flying through the ground in the dangerous particle beam of J-12, and the shells exploded one after another. But it doesn’t matter that every fighter plane hangs up. There are always one or two ground-to-ground missiles that can break through the defense line and hit the base. Fang Zhe rushed in just after the second formation!
Just then the radar alarm system suddenly screamed! The anxious voice of two J-14 pilots sounded "The report found that a large number of Soviet fighters were outflanking us … MIG-29! They launched missiles! " The voice has not fallen, and the rapidity is faster than the flame sweeping the night. Dozens of missiles fly from three sides to form a cross attack. A Chinese fighter plane needs two less! More than 30 MIG-29s showed sharp fangs in the dark, and as soon as they appeared, they formed a three-sided attack on the Chinese military fleet that had suffered heavy losses! A mid-team leader exclaimed with horror, "It’s aa1! This is a trap! "
Fang Zhe looks ugly to the extreme. Give him one minute instead of thirty seconds, and they can drop tons of aerial bombs on the top of that damn base by killing blood with surface-to-surface missiles, but the Soviet Union didn’t give him even one second! This may be a trap that has been dug long ago, or it may be that the head of the fighter regiment improvised the idea of using the particle beam launch base as bait and laid this. They had to drill a trap. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that so many MiG-29s intercepted them and dropped the bomb into the particle beam launch base. Hope is shattered! A good school body is also an ace pilot. Even when he was shocked and angry, he didn’t lose his mind. He was almost able to produce a series of delicate, concise and effective evasive fighter planes, slightly flashing and teasing the broken missiles. When the two aa1 were a few kilometers away from the J-12, he gave a fierce push to the joystick.
The angry dragon rises like a sky! The two missiles clung to it and pulled up with it, but the school button, a string of hot flame bombs exploded, and a spark exploded in the middle. One aa1 crashed into the horse and was induced to explode, while the other grazed the edge of the hot flame and firmly bit the J-12! Fang Zhe didn’t go from climbing to flying. The fighter plane rolled out. The fierce aa1 was stunned and wiped from the left wing 20 meters away. The school secretly squeezed a sweat. Fortunately, it didn’t blow itself up or he would be finished!
But not every pilot has Fang Zhe’s skill and experience. Several pilots were a little slow to react and were hit by missiles. There were a lot of fire and rain in the fleet. Four J-12s and two leopards were broken into two pieces and planted. When this wave of missiles passed, Fang Zhe painfully found that his tiger regiment had lost more than half and was completely destroyed!
The deputy head anxiously asked, "What about the head?"
What should we do?
Fang Zhe looked at the front of the radar screen. Twelve MIG-29s were approaching 60 kilometers. They were like a wall blocking the front wings of the tiger group. Those twenty MIG-29s were still 70 kilometers away. You should know that the effective range of the latest aa1 missile in the Soviet Union is 10 kilometers. This distance is conducive to giving full play to aa1′ s excellent performance. You can’t find it. You can’t reach the situation even if it is 300 kilometers away. If you reverse it in a few seconds, you really don’t know what to do. He said, "Attack! Break the frontal enemy, even if you crash with people and planes, you will crash the damn particle beam launching base for me! "
"Yes, even if a man crashes with a plane, he will crash it!"
In the line, the pilot was full of violent breath, roaring and scarred, and the tiger screamed and screamed at the sky to make the last effort to pounce on the enemy. In the second round, when aa1 slipped from the pylon, more than a dozen vipers iii also showed their fangs. Two equally deadly medium-and long-range missiles, Mach-speed comets, swept across the night to pounce on targets dozens of kilometers away. A disparity in strength but extremely fierce battle chaos began!
It’s really unreasonable to see that the base commander of the fighter plane forces suddenly broke out. Hua Jun, the fleet that has suffered serious blood loss, was handed over to them to deal with such advanced MiG-29 with such advanced missiles and it was four strikes and one win. Now he can finally free his hands to clean up those annoying ballistic missiles!
The first thing that was knocked out was the wave of df3 particles flying to the Sareshagan desert, which penetrated the atmosphere and destroyed them one by one for a short time.
Four df3 signals have disappeared from the screen. Although several of them have not been destroyed, I am afraid they have no chance to see the magnificent scenery of moonlight like silver and sand flying in Wan Li at night in the desert. The most dangerous moment has already survived. The commander will certainly not pay attention to the remaining df3 signals. He asked, "Where are the rockets that China just launched?"

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