They held the weapons in their hands tightly, and all eyes stared at Lin Yi’s weapons. The cold light made the original cold air even colder. Their exhaled air turned into clouds of white fog, and the murderous look scattered in the fog field also filled the field.
Lin Yi was still so cold that he continued to move forward.
Go to the road where Liang Hongyan lives. Whoever stops him will kill him.
This road is destined to be paved with blood and corpses.
The experts of Piaohua Villa launched an attack.
First of all, dozens of hidden weapons hit Lin Yi like a storm with a piercing sound.
At the same time, Lin Yi’s figure also rose. In his figure, it was difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the speed and turn several times before landing.
Then everyone saw the situation that made them hard to believe.
Shooting at Lin Yi, those hidden weapons came to Lin Yi’s hands. Lin Yi held a pile of hidden weapons in one hand. Those hidden weapons were different in size, shape and weight, but Lin Yi’s hands folded into a high pile and stood firm without any shaking.
With Lin Yi’s arms in a Yang hand, the two piles of hidden weapons suddenly flew around and scattered to the masters of the floating villa who surrounded him.
Those masters dodged and waved weapons to block, but more than a dozen people were shot one after another, and they were frightened and miserable. Some people were even shocked by hidden weapons. At this time, Yang Ping, the deputy director of the villa, took several people to see this situation. Yang Ping roared, "Kill him!"
So the master of the villa in the basement wall house came at Lin Yi at the same time.
The ground is interwoven into a network of people
They vented their anger and gathered into a white fog.
The first person to pounce on the sword suddenly broke, and everyone didn’t see how Lin Yi made his moves. They were hit by the thin palm shadow and flew out of their broken swords. The cold light flashed in the fog, and the screams kept ringing, and the blood spilled in the fog and turned into red blood fog!
Lin Yi’s figure is like a leaf in a stormy sea, and it’s unpredictable to float at all ends.
Even a few people are dead, and the sword hit one of their own because it was cut at Lin Yi but lost Lin Yi’s figure instantly.
Lin Yi’s body is like a ghost in the blood fog, because he pulls out a string of images too quickly. It’s really like a ghost. His body flashes and screams. The bloody fog of the body is like being thrown up by the sea and rolling and floating …
The scene became chaotic, the blood fog kept spreading, and the people in Piaohua Mountain Villa talked about martial arts discipline and toughness better than those who failed to teach Buddhism. Some masters were even more horrible than the devil. Lin Yi was going to collapse, so he simply took advantage of the chaos to flee for his life.
People are also constantly yelling.
"Call someone again quickly!"
"Oh my god, he is a man or a ghost. Go and call the master …"
At this time, Hu Hua, a brother of de gruyter, came with more than 20 masters of pastoral religion.
The sixth chapter gone with the wind blood (3)
The masters of Hu Hua’s Northern Mansion were also shocked by Lin Yi’s thrilling "blood fog".
However, the master of the Northern House is stronger than the people of Piaohua Villa. Because there are orders to withdraw those who leave without permission and punish their families, the Northern House will give their relatives a generous pension. The master of the Northern House rarely runs away from the cold.
Although Hu Hua is escorting his wife back to her mother’s house, there is a strong enemy invasion in Piaohua Villa now, even if the enemy is terrible, he can’t stand by and watch.
Hu Hua shouted at the hand man, "Kill him quickly!"
Although the more than 20 masters of Beifu feared Lin Yi’s martial arts, they were ordered not to choose to rush into the blood fog with weapons from all sides.
So in the blood fog, the swords and shadows are even more messy and messy, and the cold with a strong bloody smell attacks everyone’s body and soul. Every face is ferocious and twisted in the blood fog, like a ghost face. Lin Yi’s figure is flashing and waving in these "ghost faces". People are constantly screaming and screaming, flying out of the blood fog with bloody bodies and flying far away from other places. Others hit the wall like a bloody person. The face of the bleeding fog is terrified, as if they attack not a person but a terrorist, and then their bodies will die on the cold ground.
As soon as those masters in the North Mansion entered the "blood fog", three people fell down, and the three people were hit by three kinds of strength. Although they flew out, the three people took off their swords and flew up. Lin Yi swept up the palm of his hand and touched the three weapons lightly. The three weapons snapped and broke into several pieces in an instant, and then these sword fragments gave off a horrible light and shot through their chests, cut their throats and tore their flesh and blood …
"Blood fog" is redder! The cloudy cold is heavier!
Screaming is like hell, playing frenzied music, floating flowers, the villa is cold and echoing.
The master of Piaohua Villa keeps hearing the news.
There are thousands of piles of hate for Lin Yi, and then two powerful masters in the North House finally caught Lin Yi’s figure roaring and attacked them with a knife and a sword. The offensive was much faster and sharper than the average master.
But they met Lin Yi, who had been penalizing in Kunlun Mountain for two years.
Lin Yi’s right hand has one finger and two fingers, and the two swords are stuck by Lin Yi’s fingers.
The two masters were frightened, and then they felt two powerful qi coming from the sword, invading their fingers through the hilt of the sword and moving quickly with the terrible qi, so their wrist bones, arm bones, humerus, shoulder bones, The straight sternum gives off a gruesome burst sound like firecrackers, and the two people’s bodies are shaking in place as if they were constantly suffering from severe pain. The weapons in their hands are also stuck to Lin Yi’s fingers. Lin Yi’s two fingers turn the sword and fly around with his feet. The shadow of the sword is like a wheel. In several attacks, it was immediately run over by the sword wheel. First of all, their clothes were smashed into pieces, and the cotton wool in their clothes flew out like pieces of snowflakes and blood fog. Then their bodies were like being cut by thousands of knives.
Turn the sword and jump in the palm of Lin Yi’s hand. Lin Yi holds the sword in his left hand and wields the sword in his right hand. When he sees the sword, the shadow of the sword is shining like death, and the figure keeps howling in the blood fog.
Yang Ping, deputy director of Piaohua Villa, was also beheaded by Lin Yi.
Today is a disaster of floating flowers
Today is the flower mourning.
Although Hu Hua ordered his hand to attack Lin Yi, he never made moves outside the war circle and looked at this terrible scene with trepidation.

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