This doubt gave Phil the courage to go on.
The fourth burst fireball is a life-threatening challenge.
It’s more difficult than the third burst fireball in Phil’s imagination.
But when Phil trembled and released his control, he found that the sky had played a joke on himself, which was even smoother than when the third burst fireball was produced.
This is obviously incredible, but at this time, Phil saw that after the success, the fourth burst ball actually followed the incredible attempt to make the fifth one.
Before Phil, he wanted Trevor to prepare three wind blades and make him strong enough to make a string of two. However, this does not mean that Phil’s idea was to prepare six exploding fireballs and let Trevor prepare one more wind blade. He was afraid that he would be nervous and make mistakes. Although the wind blade technique is as basic as the fireball technique, it is not as demanding as the control of exploding fireballs. However, you should know that Trevor is an intermediate mage of Y, although he seems to have some secret methods or his state has been enhanced, it is already considered as Trevor’s limit to prepare three. Even if there is a mistake then, it is reasonable.
With this in mind, Phil’s desire to release the burst serve in Lesson 5 actually decreased.
What about stability?
Even if you are lucky enough to create the fifth burst fireball, what if Trevor makes a mistake in the important cooperation?
Phil hesitated.
But it wasn’t long before Phil made up his mind to challenge himself.
Because today I have obviously entered a state that I have never seen before, I don’t know how long it will be if I don’t grasp the words this time, and Phil can feel that someone told me that I couldn’t see clearly before, and that control skill will be realized by myself this time. This temptation made Phil decide soon.
Spell control elements to form magic.
Like nature itself, it seems that the emperor’s hand gently clicked Phil, which opened a new door
Looking at five exploding fireballs suspended around him, Phil suddenly laughed as pure as an innocent child and a child getting his favorite candy.
"Trevor, get ready!"
Phil gave an order to concentrate on controlling the wind blade. After a few seconds, Trevor gave a reaction, and then he aimed five exploding fireballs at the enemy’s head slightly higher.
Trev didn’t rush to release the wind blade when he saw that the burst fireball had exploded, but watched the route of the burst fireball silently for a few seconds before releasing the wind blade.
Cui Fo’s wind blade was released late, but it arrived in front of the enemy almost at the same time as Phil’s burst fireball, and then the wind helped the fire burst and the fireball instantly accelerated, and the color seemed to be brighter, and then it arrived at the expected place. The wind blade energy burst and the burst fireball burst.
If it weren’t for the battlefield, this might be the best fireworks rain.
But Phil naturally wouldn’t think so. He saw the enemy’s blood flowers burst with the fireworks, and his smile became more brilliant.
Such a powerful Wei is naturally seen and surprised.
This fireworks rain is not only beautiful, but also amazing.
Five exploding fireballs cover a small combat range.
The explosion point is not far from the local head, and it is a serial explosion. In addition to a bronze warrior with quick reaction, there are more people left to chase Trevor and Phil in the past. Two wizards will not let go of their shields and directly kill an archer and a soldier, and they are also seriously injured and fall to the ground.
The result is far better than Phil expected, not only changing the deadlock, but also turning it into a reversal.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Reversal
The situation reversed. Phil himself didn’t think that others were naturally stupid, but Wei Youfang’s side was naturally ecstatic, and the enemy suddenly suffered such a blow, which naturally made him panic.
Phil felt a little collapsed after releasing the big move, but it wasn’t too bad for Anhong to growl and bless.
But Phil didn’t dare to neglect him. He knew that he could hold on to the stave state. Once the state was over, he might lose his combat effectiveness directly.
And although the war is reversed, it is not a victory or defeat at this time. One thousand remaining enemies, last stand, spelled a life for themselves, and naturally they can’t eat well.
When Phil came, he changed his mind, carefully manipulated the fighting style, and sprinkled all kinds of magic like free money. Anyway, Phil made up his mind to fall back when his state was over. Now his goal is to clear his blue slot before falling back.
However, it turns out that Phil and others thought too much, and after the situation reversed, the enemy’s residual roots did not produce decent resistance, especially when the silver leader issued a retreat order after seeing that the situation was not good, which made the residual personnel become like frightened sparrows who knew that they were flapping their wings and wanted to escape.
However, Wei Youfang, who has been chased for so long and has been suppressed for disadvantages, will naturally not miss this good opportunity. Of course, there is no mercy and no one has let go.
The only difficulty is naturally the silver leader in that place. His strength is a little higher than that of Charles. Charles has been suppressed everywhere along the way, and he has eaten a lot by stealth. However, after the emotional reversal, the silver leader was eager to escape. But how could Charles let him go so easily? He was bitten and bitten and suffered several injuries, and he was stopped.
Then Wei Youfang and Phil and others solved the problem of other people and directly surrounded the silver leader.
The silver leader saw that there was no way out, and he took the initiative to stop the attack and wanted Wei Youfang and others to negotiate.
"I have nothing to do with you. You have to save this monster. No, your friends have already saved me, and I have already taken in a dozen or twenty brothers. Why don’t we just talk about it? Leave a chance to meet each other in the future, one more friend and many roads. "
The silver leader naturally told Charles, but Charles ignored him, but his eyes motioned for a wise man.
Wei Youfang is not sure when he sees that the silver leader has the intention of reconciliation.
After all, this is a silver-level strong man. Who knows if there is any card that has not been revealed yet? In case of urgency, whoever does not say that he is broken in his own team will be injured again. Wei Youfang does not want to see it.
Moreover, this guy’s territory obviously has no conflict with Wei Youfang’s frequent activities. Even if he is released, he will not be afraid of raising tigers. Besides, this guy can’t command and lead even if he is released.
However, Wei Youfang dare not easily decide that he and Phil and others may not come to this place this time, but I don’t know what Flynn thinks. He will definitely not enter the city now, and I don’t know what his plans are.
Thought of here Wei Youfang turned to look at Flynn.
"It’s up to you to decide whether Flynn will let it go or not. After all, it’s still your business and it’s the most appropriate for you to make a decision."
"Naturally, I can’t let him kill my brother!" Flynn looked at the silver leader’s eyes and looked complicated, not like pure hatred.
"Don’t accuse me of killing your brother. Lanny has nothing to do with me, and your brother has betrayed you. Why can’t you stand him and me?" Silver leader quickly and Flynn explained
"Even if he defected to me, that’s my brother. Where’s that guy Lanny? I must kill him. Without him, our brothers would not have fallen to this point! "
This Lanny is obviously the one who called the silver leader and the gang to catch Flynn, and the doctor forgot this guy despite the fight.
"Then should we hurry back and catch this Lanny?" Wei Youdao asked Flynn
"No, that guy has run away. I saw it, but I can’t let him go as much as I can." The shadowy mage appeared around everyone.
"He ran to Nilbai?" Wei Youfang confirmed
"It’s too late for you to chase now." The blood clan mage nodded and said.
"This can be difficult," said Wei Youfang and looked at Flynn.
"I must kill this guy!" Flynn looked at Wei Youfang with firm eyes.
Wei Youfang shook his head. "It’s not easy to do. We can’t go to anyone now. Neil is going to kill him unless he goes out of town, but he won’t come out if he’s not stupid. We don’t have that much time to watch him."
"I want you to let me go, and I’ll send someone to kill him." When the silver leader blood clan mage appeared, he knew that he couldn’t run away. This guy suddenly appeared and he didn’t feel any strength at all. He was definitely not himself to speculate, so when he saw Wei Youfang’s difficulties, he quickly made suggestions.
Wei Youfang didn’t look at him. If the blood clan mage didn’t show up, the man would have been released. But the blood clan mage has already appeared. This guy is naturally going to be silenced, and even if he can’t kill people, he is not afraid of what the silver leader made before he died.
"If you don’t help, I’ll stay outside by myself until he comes out," said Flynn.
"That guy will naturally inform the church and the duke when he returns to the city. They will definitely come out and search. It is not certain whether you can hide in the past, let alone kill people!"
"I don’t care if you go, just go. I thank you for saving me, but my brother can’t get revenge," Flynn said stubbornly
"Well, then you can stay here by yourself. Let’s go."
Wei Youfang looked at the stubborn Flynn instead of continuing to persuade others to leave.
Wei Youfang is not just talking. Wei Youfang really wants to leave with his own players.
Flynn wants revenge on his brother. Wei Youfang can understand, but understanding does not mean support.
Wei Youfang has done his best to fulfill his previous promise to Oliver, and it is also completed. After all, people can’t protect his generation when they are already out.
Besides, Wei Youfang helped him without pay, and he had nothing to do with them. He was willing to help Oliver out of kindness, but kindness was not endless, especially in this dangerous situation.
After this time, Wei Youfang has regretted bringing so many people and agreeing to Oliver’s request so easily.
Besides, Wei Youfang has analyzed the situation with Flynn. Flynn continues to insist that Wei Youfang is angry. I’m not your father. Why should I help you?

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