However, I heard that after Elder Ling Youdao erased the records of the family’s good deeds of the dead people, these monks became honest when they secretly made small moves.
It’s also normal that the family’s good deeds were earned by beating the living and killing the dead, and finally it was gone. No one dared to disobey orders and followed the established strategy.
When it passed slowly, three days later, Ling Ren ‘an waited for a few people to find Ling Youdao.
"second uncle"
"What’s the plan?"
Ling Ren ‘an nodded and said, "We have determined the layout location of Yanbo Haiyin Array, and this is to draw the layout map."
Ling Ren ‘an handed the drawings to Ling Youdao. Ling Youdao took a look at them, but it was not very white, but it was also "hard"
Immediately said, "where is the eye position of the spirit tree?"
I heard that Ling Ren ‘an handed over another drawing and said, "This is a way for the same spiritual eye to avoid damaging more roots."
Ling Youdao was glad to take over the layout drawing but understand the path drawing. After reading it for a long time, he guessed and nodded, "It’s really good."
Then I will hand over the two drawings to Ling Ren ‘an. "After these two drawings are put in your place, you need to preside over them."
Ling Ren ‘an took the drawing "It’s Uncle"
Ling Youdao went on to say, "Feiyu Road has not been cleared yet, but there is still a central area left. You should take a day off and then go to the cleared area to detect all the spiritual veins."
Lingren’ an nodded "My nephew is white"
Then he excused himself with several people.
After a day’s rest, several of them set out to determine the location of the pulse.
As time went by, days passed in a blink of an eye, and Feiyu Island was finally cleaned up.
Nearly 200 practitioners worked together to clean up the island in less than ten days, and the efficiency was quite high.
I dare not say that there is no monster beast in the island, but I dare say that there is absolutely no monster beast in the island, even the first-order monster beast is pitiful.
After the entire Feiyu Island is cleared up, Ling Ren ‘an can take people to explore the spiritual pulse.
Ling Youdao asked four monks to clean up four different islands with their respective teams in the front area. Of course, all the islands they wanted to clean up were combed by Ling Dingshan and others first, and a small number of second-order monsters could avoid casualties.
Brother Ling wants to live for a long time, so he must plant food in Linggu from Lingtian field.
Where the aura of the islands around Suofeiyu Island is thin, spiritual fields will be built, while places with rich aura will be built into spiritual medicine gardens to grow spiritual medicine.
When Ling extended the Feiyu Islands, the five demons also divided the territory.
Because there are three-order sharp-toothed fish in the west, the most dangerous place is guarded by the dragon turtle and the eagle. If the big demon sharp-toothed fish attacks in the north, the two demons can quickly support each other and jointly resist for a while and wait for more support to arrive.
There are conch clans in the south. Although the other party sticks to the ground but has strong strength, it still has to be guarded by the green python lizard.
The Five Demons and the Five Enemies of the Northern Demon Family are relatively calm and guarded by the White Ape.
However, we have to prevent the dragon turtle from occupying some northern areas and can support the white apes at any time.
That is to say, the dragon turtle guards the northwest region and can quickly support Peng Ying and Bai Ape.
Green pythons can support both sides quickly.
After dividing the territory, the five demons also found a place to nest.
Green python, dragon turtle’s nest, submarine, eagle, white ape, lizard’s nest island, and all of them have medium-sized veins and eyes.
Chapter four hundred and sixty-seven Qing Dan sea situation spirit eye smoke sea sound array!
There are water droplets in the dragon turtle’s hand, so that the treasure can naturally allocate seawater to the depths of the seabed to create a side of water, which is different from island life
Since there is no difference, you must choose to build the nest under the sea because it is safer there.
Green pythons are different. The monster beast in the water is born close to the water, and even if it is not a big demon, it can live well in the water.
The pythons can live directly in the sea, and there is no need to separate the seawater to make water areas.
Of course, this is not to say that it is a matter of habit that dragon turtles can’t live in water.
Pengniao occupies an island with a length, width and height of more than 200 miles, from which the height of the island is continuously reduced to all directions.
That is to say, the island is similar to a high mountain, and the highest part is the middle of the island.
There are more than 400 feet of steep cliffs, but there is a tenacious spiritual growth period.
Because of its medium-sized spirit vein and strong aura, it is a big demon where many low-level monsters live.
When Peng Ying decided to make his "home" there, he moved the giant tree from the original seabed to the top of the mountain.
The baizhang giant tree has reached the third-order vitality, and it is extremely tenacious. Even though it has undergone two root-cutting transfers in a short period of time, it still touches the soil and grows a large number of roots and spreads along the mountain.
Less than a lamp of tea, countless roots spread, and the body seems to be stuck in the rock, and there is a feeling that the mountain is a tree or a mountain.
This wave of tree exercises is beautiful, but it is not without cost. After a large number of roots have been born, the leaves have turned yellow and many spiritual fruits have fallen from the tree.
Pengying is worried about the safety of the tree except those fallen fruit, because the medium-sized spirit vein on the island is equivalent to the spirit tree in this mountain and takes root.
There is a lot of aura to nourish and damage the vitality. It is a matter of time to restore the spirit tree, so it is not worried.
Peng Ying built his nest into the largest branch of the spirit tree, and descendants also built their nest into this branch.
Pengying named Lingshu Pengchao Tree because of its nest Lingshu.
The third-order spiritual objects of Pengchao tree also say that the large amount of Pengchao fruit is to restore the consumption of spiritual power, and the spiritual fruit also has the effect of improving cultivation.
Soon after, Pengying found Ling Youdao and wanted to ask Ling’s help. Pengying Island (which was named Pengying Island after a famous Pengying occupied the island) was set up in the middle to cover the third-order spirit tree.
The real demon also has the ability to gather clouds. However, it is difficult for the big eagle to gather clouds in the cloud-shrouded area, and it will not be long before the clouds gathered by the spell will disperse again.

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