At this time, Fang Hu is faced with a choice, that is, he can continue to attack the other city and create a situation of attacking the city of hegemony, while avoiding hard struggle with these big cities
Jinghong is a suburb.
Fang Hu frowned at the map.
"Fire Bath City, Fire Cloud City and West Haicheng are all important towns in the central part of Jinghong. At present, the number of resident troops is unknown, and it is not clear who is in charge of the command, but it is certain that with preparation, they will definitely be more difficult to fight than those places we played in front of. At present, we still know too little about Jinghong. It is really difficult to determine where to fight and how to fight."
"Do you want me to go to spy one?" Double question
Fang Hu immediately shook his head. "We can’t afford to spend this little time when we can’t go back and forth. We have to keep moving at a high speed when we don’t stay in one place for more than one day, or we will be besieged by the army when we wake up."
Mu Xue immediately said, "In this case, let’s bypass and not fight."
"No, you have to take one less place before you go."
"But Shao Shao also said that if a battle can’t be solved in half a day, then the battle is willing to give up. The battle is getting fiercer every day. More than 100 brothers died in the attack on Chuancheng the day before yesterday, and more than 300 brothers died in Fengzhou yesterday. Although they are all excellent infantry, they are very tired because of the lack of siege equipment. The defenders of these three big cities are absolutely not weak. If you want to take them in half a day, it may be that all the brothers put together the other day."
"but if we don’t sail alone, it won’t be so easy. We must have one less decent victory! Otherwise, Gu Zhengfan can’t believe that I am shallow water, and I won’t believe that we will fight the battle of overlord city. We must not only fight but also resolutely take it! Even if more soldiers are sacrificed and it takes longer, it will attract a large group of pursuers behind the ass. Only in this way will the solitary sail be convinced of our actions. "
Mu Xue was slightly startled. He looked at Fang Hu’s determined expression and stared for a long time. Finally, he took a long breath.
He said, "I finally want you to be in charge of the iron wind flag command."
Among them, Fang Hu is the one who can best carry out the intention of clearing the shallow water.
It may be that I realized that my tone of voice was a little heavy, and Fang Hu eased up. "Of course, if we can try not to lose the lives of our brothers, it would be best, but the problem is that we can figure out a way in this situation. Alas, I’m not as shallow as he was that day, but we may be able to figure out a way."
Lei Huo said, "The most customary way to fight the enemy is to look at what they are afraid of first, and only when we can find the other side’s weakness can we strike. If we can also find the other side’s weakness, I believe we can find the right medicine."
Everyone thought hard about what the other side’s weakness was, and Fang Hu made a determined effort to say, "No one is allowed to eat tonight if you don’t want to come out."
Perhaps it was the test in Wangtiangang that inspired them to shout "Yes!" after some hard thinking.
No matter how many troops there are in the other three big cities, it is certain that they are in a state of shortage without reinforcements.
Shuangze said, "Due to the time problem, the Jinghong Department has certainly not yet formed a unified response to our war headquarters, and there is also a lack of common command."
Tuoba Mountain said, "So what we want is that we can bring them out of the city and then attack them head-on. They can never be our opponents, and the other two cities will stand by and give us a good chance to break them one by one."
Fang Hu’s eyes showed a glimmer of murder. "When we killed all the way earlier, we didn’t hit the banner of attacking the city of hegemony. That’s because we didn’t want shattered glass to make the other party suspicious. But this time, if we directly passed them under the banner of attacking the city of hegemony."
Everyone shouted together, "They just have to come out if they don’t want to! Let the capital turn a blind eye to the iron flag attack alone, so they can’t afford it! "
Fang Hu "and we can just let our opponent know our goal naturally."
In the absence of shallow water, Tiefengqi will finally try to analyze, think and solve various military problems by themselves, and in this case, they will gradually grow up and eventually become independent figures.
Jinglong Palace
Water yunxuan
After pestering Ji Ruozi for many days and nights, he finally got the chance to enter the palace. As soon as he entered the palace, he kept exclaiming, "Wow, the snow palace is so big and beautiful! This must be the most beautiful place in the sky. "
Ji Ruozi laughed. "The Snow Palace can’t even enter the top ten famous palaces in mainland China. Kings of all ages advocate frugality and refuse luxury. Although every once in a while, some people will go out of the world and suggest to rebuild a new palace, but the kings never adopt it. If you want to see that luxurious palace, you might as well take a trip to Bohai Group in the future. Now the Lanlan Palace there is being released to the public."
"Hey? What will stop the palace from being released to the public? "
Jiruozi sipped her mouth and snickered. "This is not the way that the guy in Shallow Water Clear has figured out. In the past many years, the treasury has greatly compensated for the income. In Shallow Water Clear, the other day, he actually proposed to the wild king to collect the money from the people. On the one hand, it can make up for the treasury income, on the other hand, it can also please the people who stopped water. Moreover, it can also form a consensus in the people who stopped water that the country died because of its extravagance and luxury, and if people manage it, it will inevitably be abandoned for a long time. If the country is not easy to move
The proposal of shallow water clearing can be described as extremely bold, but it is actually accepted by the wild and ambitious people. What is it that the British king has never strived for heaven to enjoy a palace? So Zhilan Palace became the first palace in the history of Guanlan, which was opened to the public in mainland China. Except for the main dormitory and the main hall, all the other places were opened to the public, not to mention the water, the rich people flocked to it, and even some rich gentry from other countries came here to observe Zhilan Palace.
As a result, Zhilan Palace has become an important source of revenue for the national treasury. At first, this proposal was met with great opposition, but after a month of trial, it was found that the income was so great and the people were outstanding, but it had a bad influence on the emperor’s prestige. Seeing the amount of glistening silver income coming into the account, I simply advised the Cambodian emperor to officially release it. Of course, the etiquette department insisted on opposing Naihu as always, so it was too small to say that it was rather the duty.
Sometimes things are just like this. If the emperor is willing to put up a little bit, a country’s financial strength can make a big leap. In that era of backward production conditions, the lack of industrial output value and commercial income, compared with tourism, which is not affected by the times, is a place to stop the orchid palace. Not only does the country bring huge economic benefits, but the economic development of the whole former Bohai Sea area will be rapidly promoted everywhere, so the people live well and the voice of opposing the rule of the Tianfeng Empire is gradually decreasing. This discussion really makes everyone sigh.
Hearing this, JiReZi’s eyes also lit up. "Ten famous palaces? I must have been to all the departments in the future to be worthy of this life. "
Ji Ruozi smiled while covering her mouth. "That’s not easy. The palace is the residence of the emperor. You have to destroy the country to occupy the palace to achieve your wish."
When the fist of the ruler is pinched, "then destroy them all!"
Ji Ruozi listened to this lofty sentiments, but she couldn’t help but be fascinated. Who would have thought that later, the principle of vertical and horizontal life turned out to be going around the top ten famous palaces in Guanlan?
It won’t take long to get to Shuiyunxuan.
At this time, Yun Ni, Cang Min and Li Feiyan are all here.
Women in the palace always have something to do. It is really forced by the environment that they can gossip together and stir up a few words of right and wrong.
At this moment, seeing JiReZi with a deceitful ruler is like seeing a rare plaything and crying out in surprise, "Hey? Where do you come from? "
Yun Ni laughed. "This is Shuiqing’s adoption of an orphan. I invited him to come and play because I have never seen the palace."
Li Feiyan laughed, "It turns out that he is the little boy."
"I’m not a kid. I’m twelve years old. I’ve lived by myself since I was eleven. I can marry a wife in two years."
Two princesses and a toffee snickered together and Ji Ruozi gave him a "Don’t talk nonsense in front of princesses and toffee"
The ruler touched his head and laughed. "The three sisters are really beautiful. Sister Ji is also beautiful."

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