The food in the restaurant here is very simple. Besides barbecue, he has some seasonal vegetables and fruits.
Several aboriginal children in Duodan Town Street saw Nika sitting in the restaurant across the window, struggling to cut a piece of bloody beef on the end chair. She was not very good at eating such a large piece of beef with a knife, and the meat made her cheeks bulging.
Those aboriginal children bravely lay by the window and saw Nika put a large piece of beef into her mouth, and the saliva flowed out of her mouth.
When the waiter saw that the street window was surrounded by a group of children, fearing that it would affect the guests’ dining, he quickly ran out of the restaurant and scared the aboriginal children to disperse in a hubbub.
Nica’s eyes are focused on cutting the delicious barbecue on the plate, but her mood is more complicated.
At this time, she realized that the people in the small town outside had not changed, and the people in this small town also looked down on the change of the aborigines … She had her own.
Samira lifted the hat pocket to reveal the beautiful elf-like face, but her reddish eyes fell on the waiter with a murderous look that could not be hidden, which would make them feel a pain in their chest as if they had hit an arrow in an instant …
Recently, she has been instructed by Veru, and her strength has risen a little quickly, but she just can’t restrain her breath a little.
I usually cover my face with a hood, but I don’t think there is anything that needs to be lifted when I eat. The reddish color is full of murderous eyes, and my eyes are a little too sharp.
She ate half a smoked fish and covered her face with her hat again.
I probably learned that the restaurant owner who came to eat in Duodan Town rushed over, not only brought a bottle of golden apple wine and a dessert, but also planned to have a meal with Surdak and his party. When everyone had lunch, the restaurant owner sent everyone away with a grin on his face.
Duodan Town is not a big restaurant, which is six or seven hundred meters away from the town hall. Surdak took a group of people to the gate of the town hall.
Selena hugged Signa and pointed to Surdak, Little Square, across the town, and said, "I’ll take them there and wait for you …"
Surdak nodded and Andrew stepped into the town hall
Chapter 697 North Wall
The town hall of Duodan Town has a wall made of bluestone strips, and the surface is painted with a layer of white ash. On both sides of the door steps, there are two sculptures of imperial guards with shields and spears. Just opposite the door of the town hall, there is a colorful mural depicting the war. A middle-aged woman at the front desk of the town hall is writing with a quill pen parchment behind the front desk.
Hearing footsteps at the door, the middle-aged woman looked up and looked at Surdak’s chest for the first time. She was wearing a noble medal and a knight badge in the guard camp. She quickly got up from her chair, bypassed the front desk and walked directly to Surdak and said kindly.
"You must be Baron Surdak of Lu Se Legion. You have been transferred to our mayor three days ago. I have been expecting your arrival these days, but today is really unfortunate. Yesterday, there was a vicious incident in which a bandit group attacked the adventure group outside the city. Mayor Marco led the city’s defense guard and the business armed group and the temporary organization of the adventure group. People left the city last night and have not come back yet."
Surdak this just know Marco mayor no longer town hall and asked the middle-aged woman.
"I heard about it from Baron Maynard. How much did the adventure group lose this time?"
"The specific losses haven’t been reported yet. It is said that the trade union of the town’s adventure group also made a lot of noise. Yesterday, the Langdon Corps garrison was just driven away from the town. The mayor organized a joint team to search the mountains outside the city." The middle-aged woman said to Surdak with a smile.
Surdak could feel her polite alienation. It seems that there are some subtleties in the town hall of the local garrison. Surdak didn’t ask for details, but asked, "Is there any news of Mayor Marco coming back from outside the city?"
The middle-aged woman quickly said, "I heard that some clues have been found that the mountain belongs to a local indigenous chieftain joint team, and it is estimated that the local indigenous chieftain will have to communicate."
Surdak frowned and asked the middle-aged woman
"Do you know the specific position? I’ll send someone to ask Mayor Marco if there is a need to send troops."
The middle-aged woman said with a face of surprise
"It’s very kind of you to make it. Is there anything I can do?"
Surdak thought for a moment before saying
"I need a guide who is familiar with the terrain outside the town."
Middle-aged women hurriedly said
"I happen to have an aboriginal who is familiar with the surrounding environment of the town. Let him take you to Mayor Marco and them …"
Say that finish, she quickly walked through the corridor of the hall to the backyard of the town hall next to the stable and ordered an aboriginal groom, "Corey, you are quick to stop living in your hand. Just take him to the north of town to find Mayor Marco and them."
"Good Mrs. luna!" Groom hurriedly stopped to live and patted the broken grass clippings and said

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