After hanging up my cousin’s words, I called Gao Peng, my partner’s best friend. Gao Peng is a famous miser, which is a good quality for a businessman, but it seems a little stingy for a friend. Gao Peng said, "Fuck big brother, what are you calling me in Yunnan?" I don’t know what long distance plus roaming is? "
Chapter IX Secret Letter
The method is composed of the words "worm" and "dish". Literally, it is the poisonous insect born in the vessel, which is written by Li Shizhen. In Insect Department IV, there is a record that "after taking hundreds of insects into Weng, one insect will eat all the insects, which is called the method". The general idea is that how the poisonous method of witchcraft was produced in ancient times? First, hundreds of poisonous insects were put in the same vessel for a while, and after hitting the vessel, the poisonous insects ate each other, and the only one left was the most poisonous and fierce poisonous insect, which was called the method.
Of course, in a broad sense, the method does not necessarily mean that all poisonous insects can become methods, and there are various types of methods, such as snake method, golden silkworm method, toad method and so on. People in the method will produce different symptoms according to different methods, and if they are treated from time to time, they will die.
These words were told to me by Liu Zhen after I woke up.
I don’t know how long I was in a coma. I vaguely remember that night when I went to take a bath, I found my left arm swollen and top-heavy and went back to bed in a daze. I fell asleep the next morning. I had a high fever and I almost lost consciousness several times. Fortunately, Liu Zhen called me when I was still awake. He told me that I would arrive in Kunming at noon today. After I told him the name of my hotel, I couldn’t remember anything.
When I opened my eyes, I found Liu Zhen and Bu Jin sitting on both sides of my bed respectively.
When Liu Zhen saw that I woke up, I poured a glass of water and said, "What’s the matter?"
I shook my head. Now I haven’t sat up to drink water, but I asked, "What time is it? How long have I been in a coma?"
Liu Zhen laughed. "It didn’t take long for me to come here at noon yesterday. It’s the next night."
I took a long breath and said to myself, "It must be that bug that caused trouble."
As soon as I said this, I saw that Bujin pointed to his cloth and said "Don’t touch it"
I nodded my head and assured my heart that I was just curious. Now I don’t want to touch Bu Jin even if others kill me. I got up and looked at my left arm and found that my arm was still a little red, but the arterial black and blue had dispersed and the edema disappeared and returned to normal. Then I looked at my wrist and I didn’t know who tied it with gauze. I could still see a trace of blood from outside the gauze. I looked at Liu Zhen and Liu Zhenba puzzled and pointed to Bu Jin and said, "You must thank others for saving you."
I glanced at Bujin and said nothing about silently nodding. On the surface, however, I couldn’t say a word of thanks from the bottom of my heart. Although I asked for it when I was attacked by that strange poisonous insect, this series of things wouldn’t have happened if Bujin didn’t have those terrible insects in his cloth.
For the first time, I was wary of this simple Miao girl in front of me. Who is this girl? Although I know that she is a witch, Ayuna herself said that she has no blood. So where are this girl’s real parents? Is she an orphan? Why should she keep those horrible drug addicts? And what about the ghost in the bathtub? Of course, what impressed me most was the jade card around her neck. Why did someone repeatedly play her jade card? I have too many questions, and I finally found that these questions are caused by the Miao girl in front of me. To answer these questions, it is necessary to uncover the mystery of Long Bujin’s life.
And Liu Zhen, who is sitting by my bed, is my only clue now. I told Bu Jin that I had told her to go back to her room. As soon as Bu Jin left, I asked Liu Zhen like a barrage of questions.
After listening to this, Liu Zhen waved me to stop quickly, then got up, pulled the window curtain and locked the door before sitting on my bed again.
Liu Zhen is not only clever, but also well-proportioned. He looks very thin, but his body is very strong, unlike those diseases.
I asked him to answer my question. I didn’t expect him to ask me first. "Tell me that girl first, isn’t it the teacher who asked you to meet someone in Yunnan?"
I was stunned by this question and said, "That’s right. Is there anything wrong with her?"
Liu Zhen said, "What’s wrong is to talk about it. Not only do I always think this girl is mysterious."
"Well, I feel that, too." The ghost experience is still vivid to me today. I asked, "But how do you say that?"
Liu Zhen said to me in a low voice, "That’s because when I first came to this hotel, I saw that she had done many strange things in your room."
I shuddered. I did something weird in my room. Is it her ugly dance again? But I was still in a coma and had no impression at all, so I went to ask Liu Zhen what he meant by strange behavior.
Liu Zhen said that before he entered my house, he found that the door was left unlocked. He was not sure whether it was me or Bujin’s house. He carefully looked at the house. It didn’t matter at first, but he found that Bujin was squatting beside me, chanting something in his mouth. Liu Zhen felt strange and knocked on the door. That Bujin ignored it and still squatted by my bed. So Liu Zhen pushed the door and walked in. When he entered the door, he found that Bujin was holding an unnamed bug and stuffed it into my nose.
"What?" I was shocked and consciously touched my nose and said that it was disgusting to put a bug in my nose. I asked, "Why did she do that?"
Liu Zhen replied, "I didn’t know that I just wanted to stop the girl from turning around and staring at me. I didn’t know anything, but at that moment I found that I couldn’t move. Then I found that your left arm was swollen and unseemly, and you were so horrible that your blood vessels became clearly visible and all showed the color of Qing Wu. At a distance, it was like you were surrounded by several small snakes. At this time, I suddenly found that the girl was really saving you because you frowned after she stuffed worms into your nose." The hair stretched and seemed to relieve the pain. "Liu Zhen lit a cigarette and continued," Then she cut the artery of your left wrist with a small knife, but strangely, there was no bleeding. It seemed that the blood vessels in the whole arm were general. Then she took out a strange insect from nowhere and looked a bit like a money string, but it was much smaller. She stuffed the insect into your wrist wound and simply bandaged it, then sat still. "
After listening to Liu Zhen, I told him the strange things I had encountered since the day I met Bu Jin. When I finished, I found Liu Zhen’s face and said to me again, "Is there any magic in society now?"
I have naturally heard about witchcraft, but it is mostly from novels. Now I am sitting in front of a doctor of history. There have been many major cases of witchcraft in history, and their historians have learned this knowledge more or less, so Liu Zhen simply introduced me to a technique.
But to be honest, I wasn’t too surprised after he finished, because I had subconsciously admitted that Bu Jin was a witch.
After listening to Liu Zhen by the bedside, I didn’t care too much. "I have already told you about that girl. Now you are quick to answer my question." Then I asked the question again.
Liu Zhen shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Oh, my God, you don’t know everything. To tell you the truth, I can’t answer any of the questions you just asked. I can tell you what I know."
"Then say it quickly," I urged.
Liu Zhen thought for a moment and said, "Let’s talk about the teacher first. After the teacher disappeared, your cousin once called me to ask about the teacher. At that time, I told a lie and said that I didn’t know that the teacher had left but the teacher had visited me the night before he disappeared."
"Didn’t you leave Mongolia at that time?" I asked
Liu Zhen nodded and continued, "I received his words the next day after the teacher received that letter."
Chapter 10 The only clue
"After Palin’s death, the descendants of the fast school, A Wanna, have given up the jade brand new Wubu Jin, and another thing has been revealed in Yunnan. Be careful."
This is the letter, which surprised me a little. There are two things. The first one is that I didn’t expect this letter to be written by that master Duan. The second thing is that I didn’t expect it to be a long letter. At least I should write two polite words such as "How have you been", but the letter is so concise that it is almost golden.
If the first sentence shocked me, then the remaining two sentences brought me doubts. First of all, it is not a day or two since my brother disappeared. More than ten years have passed. Although it sounds sentimental, today I have almost forgotten my brother. Now, Duan Yuwen, who used to work with my father, wrote to my father that my brother is dead.
The phrase "Palin is a descendant of the Fast School" sounds like my father has always known that my brother has been in Yunnan for more than ten years. I think about my father’s reaction to reading this letter. At that time, his reaction was anxiety and excitement. Now, after reading the letter, I suddenly realize that my father’s reaction is more likely to be anxiety and fear.
I made a bold guess based on the letter. Did my father always know that my brother was here for more than ten years? But why not look for it when you know that your son has fallen?
What do you mean by "descendants of speed school"? If this descendant refers to me, then it is only my father who sent me to Yunnan according to the instructions of Duan Yuwen, and the direct reason for sending me to Yunnan is probably because my brother died and I probably came to Yunnan as a successor. If the truth is as I guess, what has my brother done in the past ten years? And should I, a successor, continue what my brother did?
The last two sentences also make me quite confused. The sentence "Amana’s time is up to the jade brand new Wubujin" reveals three things. The first thing is that Duan Yuwen knows about Amana and also knows that Amana is not far from death; The second thing is that Duan Yuwen knew that the name of her descendants was Bujin and told my father exactly. The third thing that attracts my attention most is that Duan Yuwen and my father also know Bujin Boyu brand.
The last sentence of the letter reads, "Another incident has been exposed. Be careful in Yunnan."
It is easy to understand that "Yunnan is dangerous and careful" is to tell my father that I will encounter many dangers when I come to Yunnan this time. I suddenly recalled that my father did not directly tell me about going to Yunnan when he read the letter, but told me about it after several days. Those days, he was absent-minded and worried. Obviously, I was worried about whether I should come to Yunnan or not.
But what does the word "it’s out" mean? Literally, it seems that my father and this Duan Yuwen have something secret, but now it has been revealed, and according to the context, it can be seen that it is because of the revelation that this trip is dangerous.
I put the letter in deep thought, but the words in it are very few, but it contains extremely rich information. I thought to myself, it seems that my trip to Yunnan is by no means as simple as I expected.
Liu Zhen can guess how much I look at my expression, and there is not much interference in my heart. I just sit quietly and smoke.
I took a glance at Liu Zhen, and suddenly I felt a shock in my mind. From Duan Yuwen’s letter to my father, I can know that Duan Yuwen really said that it seems that there is some kind of blood in letting my father’s descendants come to Yunnan. So why did Liu Zhen come to Yunnan? I think of Liu Zhen calling me when I met that Wang Chengbao. What a coincidence it is that he called me when I met Wang Chengbao? Or is there something wrong with my good friend Liu Zhen, whom I have been seeing for a long time?
Thought of this, I quickly shook my head and said that Liu Zhen and I wouldn’t know each other for a day or two. My family has always treated him very well, and he won’t do anything to hurt me. Probably, I have experienced so many strange things these days that I am more and more inclined to be a conspiracy theorist who is suspicious of everything.
Although I think so in my heart, I still can’t help but ask Liu Zhendao, "Lao Liu, I don’t know if I should ask."
Liu Zhen smiled faintly and said, "When have you been polite to me?"
I brewed and said, "But before we talk, I hope you don’t mind me asking you such a question. It’s not that I don’t believe you. I’m a little confused." I think Liu Zhen nodded before continuing. "This letter does say that my father’s descendants should come to Yunnan. Why should my father come to you to help me? This letter has already told my father that Yunnan is dangerous. If my father is worried about me from the beginning, why not let you go with me directly, but take the trouble to let you arrive later? "
Liu Zhen shook his head at my words and said, "Pei Xi’s words really don’t sound like what you said, but don’t worry. I don’t mind your asking. You just said to the teacher that you should be careful not to trust others easily. Since you asked this question, I will tell you the truth."
I nodded and said I would like to hear more about Liu Zhen. "According to what the teacher told me, the meaning of’ descendants’ doesn’t mean that people with blood want you to take this Miao girl. She is not and isn’t related to O ‘Anna. In fact, the meaning of’ descendants’ in this heart is more like a successor."
I didn’t speak, but what Liu Zhen said was consistent with my previous guess. Liu Zhen looked at me and continued, "When the teacher came to see me that night, he told me that my ideal person to go to Yunnan was me, not you."
As soon as I heard this, I felt a sense of loss of dignity and asked, "What?"
"You also saw the letter telling the teacher that Yunnan is dangerous. On the one hand, the teacher is probably worried about you. On the other hand, the teacher told me that this trip to Yunnan often requires some historical knowledge."
"Fuck," I cursed involuntarily when I leaned against the mouth of the bed. It turned out that my father refused to recognize that I could accomplish this when I was in danger, and I needed courage and good skills when I met some historical knowledge. I obviously didn’t have these two things, but Liu Zhen seemed to be born of this.

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