Look at the figure. This body is an orc. There is a small metal box beside his waist. Now the metal box has been hit, and some residual hazel dust is very thin in the air.
"I should ask you that."
The male elf is not tall enough to reach the waist of the tall wolf-headed orc, but he yells at the other side. Instead, he smiles and replies, "Look carefully at who this guy is."
The wolf-headed orc temporarily restrained his anger and bowed his head toward the guy who was lying motionless. After carefully looking at his eyes, he suddenly became frightened and then became angry.
A name emerged from the wolf-headed beast population.
The genie grunted and sneered, "I remember he was from you, and it seems that you sent him here to spy on information, but you seem to overestimate your ability and even let him hand over the information of our arrival without knowing that your hand has defected. I think it’s better to reflect on yourself if you blame me."
The wolf orc looks very ugly, because this is really his reason, but he did not refute it
When the male elf saw him like this, he didn’t bother to pay attention to him. He just opened his mouth and meditated, but he didn’t make a sound at all, and he didn’t know what he said or who he was talking to.
After that, the male genie said to the two men beside him, "Inform you that the team behind you has failed to enter the city. Take the second plan. We will take the spell to smash the other side’s gate. Before the spell is launched, I will give you a signal. Once the gate is smashed, your team will immediately kill it from the gate."
One person nodded "Yes" and then disappeared into the darkness 3.
The male elf said "protect me" to the wolf-headed orc, then took out a blanket with exquisite embroidery from his body to lay it flat, and then sat down to read the spell in a low voice.
"What’s the situation?"
Jacob asked Hugh to his side.
The poor people’s flying skills really cost less magic, but there are also a lot of defects. The flying speed is slow, even though one of them was repaired in one school, flying this day was not as fast as Jacob’s. By then, Jacob had already started work under the command of the city wall.
After hearing Xiu’s question, Jacob didn’t take a reason, but told the people around him for a while before turning his head and taking a look at Xiu.
I haven’t seen this once bronze knight for three months, and now his face is also marked with patterns. The four ancient Chinese characters "Tianshuang" are engraved on his forehead, and his equipment is much more luxurious than that of three months ago. The waist of the metal helmet is faintly glowing with red light, and the sword is carrying a metal box that I don’t know what to do. Compared with three months ago, the whole person is shining with metal luster.
"The enemy attacked, but the sky was too dark and the field of vision was limited. No trace of the enemy has been found nearby for the time being. You came here just to help me with my spells and find out where the enemy is."
Fix the first lie prone on the wall crib and look out. It’s dark and I can’t see anything-this is still the forest near the Starry Sea. It has been deliberately trimmed and thinned by the Starry Sea. If it is replaced by the dense forest before, even if the other party looks straight from such a high wall, they can’t see it outside the wall in wait for a while.
"Could it be that someone accidentally sounded the alarm?"
Fix consciously asked 1 is to let Jacob eyebrows a pick.
"Being able to enter the first legion is the elite of the elite. They will never make such a low-level mistake!"
Jacob suppressed his anger and replied, then his anger subsided a little. He paused and added, "Besides, Team 127 can’t be linked, and it is their duty that should have been sacrificed tonight."
Speaking of sacrifice, there was a faint sadness in Jacob’s eyes.
There are not many people from the stars and seas, and the number of troops is even smaller. Therefore, the head of the regiment is able to recognize all the soldiers, and the 127 team is no exception.
He still remembers that this squad, Startod, although it was later surrendered, was very savvy and worked very hard to make him appreciate it. He planned to draw one of them at a military meeting soon. I didn’t expect that such excellent soldiers would die in vain. There were 127 other squads this night, and Jacob also remembered that he was very sorry and angry about each of them.
However, anger belongs to anger, but he can’t be impulsive now because the other side can actually get rid of the whole 127 team and let them release the last alarm. This strength is really a bit terrible. The army is the most terrible of these enemies it has ever encountered.
Jacob has a dangerous feeling that tonight’s battle may be the most difficult one that the Starry Sea has encountered since its establishment …
Seeing that Jacob was angry, Hugh stopped whining and started a spell directly.
After a while, the spell became a fix, and the fingers pinched a strange gesture, and a pair of eyes facing the west fell into a trance state without focus.
Sudden eye movement
"Everyone near the city gate is flashing!"
Hugh shouted.
Jacob doesn’t know what happened, but he can guess something from this appearance. He also yelled at the wall. "Let everyone around the gate! Stand back! "
His voice is much better than repairing it.
It’s such a horrible city wall, and there are troops stationed in the stars and seas. If there is a big army invading, many people can try to enter through the city gate. First, they are ready to contribute their strength to stop the city gate from being hit at any time. Second, in case the city gate is really hit, they can also hug it and drag the enemy to the city gate by virtue of the terrain advantage to prevent them from coming in.
In this case, there are many soldiers and tattooed people at the gate of the city. Although they are quick-witted after hearing Jacob’s shout, they want to follow the instructions, but the middle crowd still lets them disperse too slowly. When it is the outermost person, the runner has just taken two steps and hasn’t moved much. Hugh came when he saw something.
A dazzling white light suddenly lit up in the dark jungle outside the city wall.
White light flashed suddenly, and if a sharp arrow hit the closed gate, it smashed the thick gate with a huge noise!
The fragments of the city gate splashed like sharp arrows in all directions, and many people were caught off guard by these sawdust and metal pieces, which even penetrated the body! -but the city gate is made of heavy wood wrapped in metal structures on both sides, which is mainly to save resources.

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