Surdak lowered his head, picked up the teapot and poured himself a glass of water. "I’m not worried about this. I’ve asked someone to go to the magic puppet store in Orion to buy the most basic prosthesis, which won’t have much impact on my later life."
"By the way, what did Nika learn from the wizard Celia Cooper recently?" Surdak asked Nika, holding a cup.
Nika put things in his hand. Surdak said quietly around him
"Meditation Teacher Celia taught me to meditate, but I was a little stupid and didn’t understand what Teacher Celia said."
Surdak stretched out his arm to the palm of his hand to share the desktop. A holy light slowly lit up from the palm of his hand. Surdak said to Nika
"Nika closes her eyes and feels … can you feel this light?"
"I can!"
Nika closed her eyes and answered in a more positive tone.
Chapter 25 Assassin
Selena sat up straight in an indigo armchair. She stretched, and her soft body showed beautiful lines.
Although she is the mother of a six-year-old girl, there is no excess fat in her arms and waist. Recently, life has gradually become better, and her breasts and buttocks have gradually become plump like inflatable balloons.
Touching the flat belly, Selena felt a little hungry. She drank half a cup of herbal tea from the table into her stomach, and there was a little bit of crumbs left in the silver plate next to her.
There is a thick stack of merit sheets on the desktop, which need to be completed on the same day.
Otherwise, once it is piled up to the daily merit list, the unfinished trivial matters will snowball together and it will be more difficult to count it out.
Before you know it, it’s getting dark. The merit accounting here in the cavalry battalion has become more and more complicated recently.
Check the last set of data. Selena stopped
I waved back two assistants. These are two assistants. She was seconded from the town hall of Duodan Town to handle affairs. It was indeed very capable.
However, Selena thinks that the accounts of the garrison camp belong to the core secrets of the cavalry camp. She doesn’t want to expose these data to outsiders for a long time, so she has been cultivating trustworthy assistants during this period.
Walk leisurely to the window
Selena gently pulled the floor curtain and pushed it to clean the window, so that the night wind blew in from the window, which suddenly made people feel refreshed.
Looking at the night outside the window, let yourself be in the dark.
It was already the night, and I felt that this dark night made Selena feel very safe. The northern part of Duodan Town was in darkness, and the northern part belonged to the aboriginal community in Duodan Town. These aborigines were poor, and almost no family wanted to light expensive candles at night.
But it is precisely these aborigines that more and more aborigines have become followers of the Dark Goddess.
Selena’s development of dark goddess believers is progressing very smoothly. These aborigines can speak imperial language far away, and the kobolds in Bivol Village are easier to teach.
Those immigrants from Benayoun province of Green Empire in the town have a deep-rooted worship of the Statue of Liberty and will not easily believe in other gods.
The aborigines don’t have this concern, and Selena has given them some expectations. Because they become followers of the dark goddess, they can get some help from Selena’s private life and be cared for by the night. Many aborigines have joined in.
Even Sienna will attend the meeting of the dark goddess believers with Selena every week.
Selena finally became an apostle worthy of the name of the dark goddess.
Selena walked into the Suldake building and saw that Signa and Suldake were both sitting at the table eating a plate of pre-dinner snacks. Nika was bringing a large plate of main dishes to the table and lighting three candles on the table. The candlelight went out through the glass window.
Selena Suldak pulled a chair and Selena kissed Suldak on the cheek.
After dinner, Surdak didn’t leave the small building here, but returned to the rented attic in Dodan Town with Selena and Signa.
When Selena took a shower and did everything before going to bed, she wore a loose nightgown and went to the bed to find that Surdak was fast asleep by the bed.
It’s the first time since the cavalry battalion accident that Surdak slept so relaxed, and Selena didn’t wake him up. She squatted beside Surdak and drew a minimalist rune to spit out a spell with her soft and sexy lips, and Surdak fell into a deep sleep.
In Surdak’s dream, there was sunshine, beach, sea and blue sky. He took a nap in a palm tree lounge chair, warmed himself in the sunshine, closed his eyes and listened to the sound of waves kissing the beach …
Selena helped him take off his boots at this time, let him lie on the bed and covered him with a blanket.
The dark goddess controls the dream, so Selena sends Surdak to a dream where she can relax physically and mentally. More importantly, she can also enter the strange dream at any time and then enter it herself.

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