Hum ~
In an instant, Wei Yun felt the qi and blood force of the body fluctuate.
Layers of powerful breath are also spreading at the moment, like the law is under control.
At this moment, he was surprised to find that it was also positive, but it was actually much better than what he had refined before.
In particular, the power of traditional Chinese medicine is more powerful than that of traditional Chinese medicine, which is due to Yu Pei’s spirit marrow.
His meridians are tougher than before and can withstand it.
And this also makes Wei Yun Yi determine.
Even if they are even, they are still different from each other.
Then he sank into the process of refining Dan medicine.
When the first Dahuandan refining was completed, the original repair was more refined than before. Of course, it was not that kind of upside down change.
Can’t now Wei Yun implement has reached the budo seven borders even Dan medicine didn’t have the effect before.
But there are still six pills in hand.
In this way, he went one by one
And with the continuous refining of medicine.
Wei Yun Yi can feel his qi and blood strength getting stronger and stronger.
There are also repairs that have steadily increased until the last positive Dan medicine refining is completed.
Built the seven peaks of budo.
Once again, the distance is broken.
There is a layer of window paper missing.
Sure enough, martial arts practice or Dan medicine is much faster.
Is now Wei Yun implement some doubt that he is now left with the last bad Dan.
I’m afraid it’s hard to break through the border …
But now that it’s come to this.
He won’t stop even if he has no confidence.
Therefore, the last Dan medicine will be swallowed into the stomach after a slight adjustment of its own state.
The ratio of inferior Dan medicine is not correct, but the power of traditional Chinese medicine is beyond Wei Yun’s expectation
Qi and blood force continue to surge and fluctuate constantly.
He is guiding this force to impact the six realms of budo and wants to burst through the territory.
Is as time goes by, Wei Yun Yi found that this drug became weaker and supported himself to continue to impact.
That is to say, refining the seven pieces of Dahuandan really made his martial arts repair soar, but he still couldn’t break through to Wudaoliu.
Although for these he had expected in my heart.
But when I really face it, I still can’t help but be disappointed.
After all, it’s six
That is to say, the three things in budo are not the same.
All aspects will be greatly promoted, and it is just a transformation.
It’s a little short now …
"Forget it"
At this time, Wei Yun Yi shook his head slightly. Since the method relies on Dan medicine to break the boundary, let’s do it ourselves.
Although he knows it’s difficult, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to practice now because his talent has been changed by Tianhua Dragon Sutra and spiritual marrow Yu Pei.
In particular, Taoist Arowana is now working on refining mixed Yuan Dan.
Know that when the time comes to rely on their own strength to break the border.
Add mixed yuan Dan to help
Maybe the effect will be better
Otherwise, relying on Dan medicine to break through the border is fast, but it can’t play the best role.
It has been decreed that it will be January, which means that nothing will happen for a long time.
Isn’t there a princess Ying in the memorial?
Don’t worry about it
According to Wei Yun Yi, it is estimated that it should not be more than ten days if you don’t rely on Dan Yao’s own strength to break the border.
It’s enough.
Thinking about this Wei Yun game no longer thinks much, but turns to practice the Tianhua Dragon Sutra.

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