It’s not them who are pressed for time.
But Lu Yuan and Barlow opposite him.
After all, with the passage of time, the level of virtual ant king will become bigger and bigger.
Once the virtual ant king level rises to a certain level,
Then Jiuchong will be able to leave this land with the powerful strength of Virtual Ant King.
In other words, Lu Yuan must have the strength of the virtual ant king rise to a certain level.
Destroy the fourth secret behind Jiuchong.
If he hadn’t been able to destroy that boundary before this.
Then even if he later destroyed this secret realm.
For jiuzhong and the dreamland behind jiuzhong,
Their plan is still a success.
Because the virtual ant king has grown enough.
For this battle key Liu Yuan is also very clear.
Know that they must do it quickly.
Think of this Liu Yuan directly turned to the next Barlow and said, "Senior Barlow, please start work as soon as possible. After all, we are running out of time."
Barlow nodded his head and then directly took his step toward the opposite nine head worm.
During this process, Barlow’s body began to change.
Platinum-level skills, the king’s body!
See a lot of virtual force began to barlow body convergence.
And these virtual forces eventually became a part of Barlow’s body.
Make Barlow 7 meters tall.
In this process, it began to increase continuously.
And finally rose to 1 meter.
After opening the king’s body, Barlow soon became a giant with a height of 100 meters.
Besides the change of body shape, the environment around Barlow’s body began to change.
The field is expanding … Red Crescent Country!
See a number of twisted trees springing up.
A red full moon appeared on the top of everyone’s head
A lot of red moonlight shines in this strange forest.
Let Barlow look like a swordsman guarding the Red Crescent forest at this time.
In the process of Barlow’s display of the king’s body and the development of his own field, Red Crescent Country,
Nine head worm across the street didn’t wait.
See nine head worm’s body is also rapidly rising in this process.
And finally grew to 12 meters.
That height is much higher than Barlow’s.
Not only that, but the environment around nine head worm has also begun to change
See lines of illusory green poisonous snakes appeared around nine head worm.
Take a closer look at these poisonous snakes. They are all elemental creatures composed of special energy.
And where these elements snake.
Even it’s distorted.
It’s as if their toxins can even affect their surroundings.

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