Seeing several similar bodies lying flat on the city head, the giant soldier ant struggled to climb over the city wall, but also resisted the city head bed crossbow. The ant colony method was immediately turned around to deal with this big guy. Before it showed the second round of attack, a giant axe bread wrapped in flame went up in the sky and an axe fell into the most fragile crack between its skull and sternum.
Here, the bone is the most fragile, and the axe blade is extremely sharp, and it immediately splits a mouth and suddenly spews a lot of hazel blood from the back neck of the giant soldier ant.
It didn’t even see the figure, so it felt like a person stepped on his back. It wanted to overturn the man, but it felt like it could control its body before it was ready. It saw that the whole world kept spinning, and there was a huge body that kept spraying blood next to it.
That body is very much like itself. It really wants to bow its head to confirm that it can roll and roll on its own …
Andrew jumped from the giant soldier ant’s body and chopped the huge legs that Surdak needed.
At the same time, Surdak personally killed the giant soldier ant with broken contact pliers.
A large number of worker ants are shot by arrows and rain every moment in the city.
More worker ants pounced on the city wall, and ordinary ghost soldiers rushed in one after another. Soon, the archers in Chengtou had a tendency to suppress the ant colony.
Without the protection of the fire wall, the heavily armored infantry hope that the archers will let more ghost-patterned soldiers in so that they can get more achievements in the battlefield.
Archers are still willing to help with such a request, but it’s a pity that everyone actually underestimated the combat effectiveness of ghost-striped soldier ants. The number of soldier ants in this flood town exceeded the soldiers’ capacity.
In addition to archers and giant crossbow shooters, Chengtou still keeps the red ants on the wall in line in front of the watchtower wall.
Soon ChengTou fell into a melee.
Although the scene is a little messy, the strength of the cavalry camp in Surdak and Andrew’s city wall has reached a turn. Almost all the veterans have rich combat experience with Andrew. When they see the tension in Chengtou, they immediately rely on the crossbow to clean up these ordinary ghost soldiers.
The city wall is full of sour liquid. From time to time, veterans with ice rhinoceros horn knives will jump out, and several cavalry will fight with his ghost red ants.
This kind of makeshift fighting group is very common in cavalry battalion, and it is also handy to deal with ghost-patterned soldier ants.
These ghost-striped soldier ants are really poor in strength, but they are also very clumsy because of their huge size.
Several cavalry should separate two people to attract the attention of ghost-patterned soldiers, and others will take the opportunity to pin down the ghost-patterned soldiers’ promotion. When the veteran jumps directly to its back with a single-edged axe, the ghost-patterned soldiers’ heads will be cut off.
But this time, the number of ghost-striped soldier ants released is too large, and almost the whole city wall is in a scuffle, and a temporary assistant agreement has been signed. Although they are all soldiers, Chengtou can still keep them and prevent Duan Gen from being killed at the moment.
Andrew ran around the city wall to put out fires.
Even if there is such a crisis in the wall situation, Surdak still hasn’t sent reinforcements to the barracks.
Almost all the archers and archers in Chengtou struggled to suppress the ghost-tattooed worker ants crawling in the city. Thirty-five bed crossbows did not twist the turntable. Chengtou was caught in a hard battle, and the heavily armored infantry cavalry and mercenaries relieved the pressure. They were still constantly looking for the ghost-tattooed soldier ants in the Tibetan ant colony to prevent them from having a chance to climb Chengtou.
As Andrew ordered the Yugoslav capital guards to push the prepared rolling stones from the back end of the city wall to the front along the guide groove again, ready to plow the city wall with tough thick hemp rope and climb the ant colony in one fell swoop.
Surdak’s feet are shining with a halo of power, holding a red crescent moon and carrying a dwarf chain shield.
Every time he waved the bleeding red crescent, there was a holy light on his chest along a certain vein. This power was instantly injected into the red crescent, and the sharp edge of the red crescent came into contact with the ghost-patterned soldier ant, just like a red-hot iron bar came into contact with a candle, and the crustacean instantly melted away.
The holy power of the body is very restrained, and the ghost-patterned red ant is added with Surdak’s new dragon language to interpret the’ knight’s seal’. Every sword will easily cut the hard shell of the ghost-patterned soldier ant.
Probably seeing a large number of ghost-patterned soldier ants rushing into the canyon far away from the North Wall, the new queen ant thinks that the ant colony has a chance to break into the North Wall.
So it makes a series of shrill screams behind it, which will make people feel headache when they hear it
It urged the canyon ant colony to attack on a large scale, and the whole canyon was full of red ants with ghost stripes, forming a wave-like charge formation and rushing to the north wall wave after wave.
Chapter 759 Wounds of the new queen ant
The ant colony climbing the wall met with archers and even crossbowmen this time, and they were the most determined to stop it.
Ordinary arrows can effectively shoot ghost-striped worker ants, but it is not enough to shoot ghost-striped soldier ants. Therefore, if there is a soldier ant with a larger size than GREAT GHOST in the ant colony, even the archer crossbow will be lost.
At this time, the crossbow will kill the ghost soldier ants in the ant colony for the first time, and the archers will be covered with arrows and rain to completely cut off the ant colony offensive.
Obviously, the new queen ant in the distance gave a definite attack instruction.
The ant colony is mixed with a large number of soldiers, ready to break through this northern wall in one fell swoop, so that the ant colony can continue south.
The order of the new queen ant is obviously very firm, even hundreds of large male ant pro-guard corps have moved from a distance, and the new queen ant has slowly fallen into the ant colony, surrounded by pro-guard corps, and approached the north wall carefully.
Because the sky is the territory of Peng birds, although most of the time these Peng birds hardly fly over the thorn mountains, they are still in danger of being hunted if they fly too high in the canyon of the thorn mountains
It dare not fly too high, and even dare not suspend its body in the range of the crossbow when it is near the north wall.
Because it knows that the crossbow will definitely shoot it at the first time.
Seeing that the soldier ants rushed to the north wall, the new ant queen resolutely decided to mobilize all ant colonies in the canyon to attack the north wall at all costs.
And there are nearly 200 giant ghost-striped males in its pro-guard regiment, and these powerful fighting forces will also be rushed together. To be able to absolutely control these ghost-striped males, it has to venture into the range of the crossbow.
It doesn’t dare to fly, dare to float its body to the lowest level and slowly flap its wings to approach.
Seeing this in Surdak’s hand-to-hand combat, I looked at Andrew on the other side.

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