And Luoyun also changed his costume. Like Anu, Babao wrapped his neck around his shoulders to cover his nose and mouth, and his head covered his head to block those furry pointed ears with eyebrows. He was looking around and was very excited.
This time, he went to the secret land, accompanied by three people, three of whom were good in strength, and two people were too many to act against him.
See Luo Yu got up and turned around. The silver mask in his hand pointed to Ba Bo’s chest and solemnly said, "Your name is evil in this covert operation."
Ba Bo ‘er held out his chest and touched the mask with a smug smile.
Luo Yu couldn’t help but smile and gently cough and knock aside, but also gorged Anu. "If you don’t grow up, just call it an evil spirit."
"Uh-huh ….." Anu kept nodding, obviously the bulging mouth could no longer speak.
Seeing that both of them have a resounding title, Xiao Luoyun quickly pointed to himself and looked forward to saying, "I, I, where is my little grandfather?"
Luo Yu wanted to think, so he casually adjusted the word "mulberry" of Sang Luoyun and said, "Well ~ you can just call Xiao Sang."
Luoyun was disappointed.
Chapter 776 Bullying Six-phase Theory
Surprised to hear the name’ Xiao Sang’, Xiao Luoyun was disappointed.
Compared with Anu’s "evil spirit", Babo’s name "Xiao Sang" is too fucking embarrassing!
So he was a little upset and pointed angrily at the bully son and said, "Hang it all! Why should they be called mulberry when their names are so domineering and loud that they are small? No, no, this name can’t be seen. I won’t go … I won’t go! "
At this moment, Ba Bo’s smile is just like a flower, soothing Xiao Luoyun’s undulating chest and jokingly saying, "Be good ~ Xiao Sang is obedient, and my sister loves you."
"get out ~!" Small cloud don’t eat this one immediately a dozen "don’t small ye don’t know you and small every elder sister a virtue is very bad! Even if you touch me all over, I won’t go today! "
See this feather will counterplot and smile "hey ~ this is just right! Anyway, it’s also cumbersome for you to go. Since you don’t want to go, go back to the five elements of land. "
How can Luo Yun do that when he hears this?
Suddenly lost his temper.
But this’ little mulberry’ name does not have any momentum.
So Luo Yu gave this little guy a very arrogant name-bullying!
Don’t say Xiao Luoyun was immediately satisfied when he saw that the number of words in his name was Ba Bo Er and Anu multiple.
But at this moment, Luo Yu has turned and looked at the distant horizon in the south, wearing that pair of silver mirror-like tools and saying, "Let’s go!"
The night is deep, Nai Chi Pan
Naichi Lake is wide and round, the water is cold and biting, and there are many megalithic columns exposed from the water surface in the northern waters of the lake, which extend from dense to sparse and bottomless in the middle of the lake.
Most of these Stonehenge protruding from the water are not high, and the highest is only half a foot low, so they can be flush with the water.
Although these naturally formed Stonehenge are average in height, they are wide and narrow, but the area is large enough to accommodate dozens of people and small enough to stand on a few cones.
At the moment, the vast Stonehenge is gathering in several secret places, brother.
At first glance, it is estimated that there are several thousand people.
Although they have a large number, their cultivation level is uneven. The highest one is too low … There are even gas refining periods, and the number is not small!
At the moment, the stars are shining in the middle of the lake, and it looks beautiful in the huge waning moon. The night is sultry.
Several boulder’ treasures’ with the best terrain near the middle of the lake are naturally occupied by the strong families of various clans and scattered repairs.
Most of them sit quietly, inhale and exhale, keep full, and make final preparations at any time.
Then the boulder area of Yunyun Sanxiu is a bit noisy.
Now they talk to each other about the upcoming secret world …
There are gangs ready to swear to break into the secret world together;
There is a circle to discuss all possible countermeasures for this secret trip.
If you have words, you can encourage morale. If you say something, you will have a good chance …
Always talking about the Five Flowers Gate, but never leaving the Sect is all around this secret place of Naichi.
Of course, there are also many people who say that this Naichi secret land is colorful, which is called a good example. I don’t know if they really experienced it first hand.
Look … There is a gloomy old man wearing a black witch robe in the middle of the scattered stone group in the lake not far away, telling ancient stories loudly in the crowd.
Seeing that his slightly hoarse voice seems to be full of vicissitudes of life, people are attracted to the spiritual height.
He looked at all the people gathered around and scattered, reaching out and gesticulating with Yin and Yang as if they were there, telling a faint story …
"It is said that ~ a long time ago, there was an ancient behemoth named Niu Xiang.
This bull phase is also known as the six-phase beast. It used to be an ordinary dumpling snake, but it had six heads and was a freak like several archaea, so it was abandoned by its parents at birth.
Therefore, Liuxiang never knows which ethnic group he comes from and belongs to. He is kind-hearted and never hurts creatures. He can always find his parents and other ethnic groups who are willing to accept others for romantic purposes.
The names Liuxiang and Niuxiang are the ancient names that other creatures called it when they saw that it was born with six cows’ heads.
Until one day, six phases drifted around and mistakenly broke into a secret cave, so its fate changed dramatically from this moment on.
Because of the six meetings in the cave, I met a human face and a tail, and devoted myself to cultivating the holy fairy.
It’s not very clever. After it found out that the fairy was actually a "snake tail" like herself, it was glad to admit that it had finally found its birth mother.
So it was naive to shout out a name to the fairy daughter …
The fairy was born in a sacred family of mountains and seas, and her status was noble. Seeing the six phases and a foolish animal called her mother, she seemed to have never been offended, and her smile instantly solidified her anger.
Then the six phases were shattered by an unimaginable immortal force and fell into the cracks in the abyss. "
"boom ~"
The wizard robe man suddenly spread his arms and imitated the explosion, which made the listeners around him exclaim.
Night enveloped him, and it was more mysterious to see him wearing a hat and hiding his face, and his eyes gleamed in the shadows.
He went on to say, "… after a sudden crash, the cave collapsed, and I don’t know what I did wrong. Six phases have been buried deep underground.
However, the fairy didn’t kill it completely, but the little punishment waved and added a painful curse and turned away.
Oh ~
Spring goes to Qiu Lai and the seasons change.
A thousand years have passed in a blink of an eye, and at this time, the holy fairy has ranked among the immortals.

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