Nowadays, absolute law is used to display Jedi Tiantong.
This method can be left to future generations.
"The Jedi Tiantong’s move depends on whether the Terran can dominate the vast land in the future. I need to keep it in mind and tell future generations."
After Bai Zi’s method was made into the Jedi Tiantong, Shennong kept this matter in mind and planned to inform his successor in the future that he would complete the project.
If his successor has completed this plan, he will continue this method.
Terran masters emerge one after another, and there are always capable people who can complete this great plan.
After burying this matter in the bottom of my heart, Shennong pretended to be like a real thing and accompanied the excited Terran elders to silently observe the Terran changes.
Now, with the completion of combing the earth veins, the innate evil spirit of Terran has been solved.
Then it depends on what the leaders of all ethnic groups will decide after they get the news.
Shennong and others don’t know that there is another person besides them who silently notes the changes of Terran after the vein combing is completed.
And that person is …
Far away, the wind is purple!
As early as Shennong’s sacrifice to the map of the flood and wasteland, he silently noted the actions of all people and knew the changes of Terran territory after combing the veins for the first time.
As far as Feng Zichen is concerned, the method of combing the pulse is his idea, and he also has great confidence that this method is feasible.
But out of caution, he still needs to verify it to ensure that combing the pulse method is 100% feasible.
After all, practice can produce true knowledge!
And terran territory
Is his proving ground!
You can get great benefits by becoming a Terran!
Terran has nothing to lose.
Congenital ShaQi erosion Terran situation has been critical to the extreme, and it can’t be worse.
There is still a glimmer of life in taking a chance.
If you don’t move, you will die
It is Feng Zichen who dares to rest assured and boldly test Terran territory.
Simply put, his plan is feasible.
With the completion of the combing of the earth veins and the opening of the meridians, the Terran situation has not only improved, but also continued to improve.
Everything is going well.
But it’s not over!
Earlier, Feng Zichen said to add an insurance to the pulse to prevent it from being destroyed.
The so-called refining innate ShaQi is this preparation.
But that’s not enough.
It is not enough to ensure that the ground pulse safety is only congenital Shaqi, and other means are needed.
The more means are left for the vein, the greater the price will be paid by those who destroy it.
Only when you hit hard and hurt the world will you remember the lesson and know that you can’t touch the pulse.
Buzzing …
With the purple star wind and purple Chen’s mind moving, the distant Terran territory was violently vibrated.
Then I saw a little light pouring out of the vast landscape and condensed into a mysterious Taoist figure branding Pangu’s virtual shadow.
At that time, Pangu’s virtual shadow suddenly appeared a lot of light spots, more than 365 of which were counted carefully.
And the observation distribution is even more mysterious. They are all located at the meridian nodes of Pangu virtual shadow, which correspond to the treasure-house of spiritual points one by one.
Or people are fascinated.
This …
Just like a map of acupoints!
"This is …"
"This is a map of Pangu Cave, an ancient book by the gods and demons!"
Everyone looks at the changes of Pangu’s virtual shadow, but the more they look at it, the more familiar they are. They always feel that they have seen the mysterious Taoist diagrams composed of light spots somewhere.
Especially with the gradual improvement of the mysterious Taoist map, the sense of sight in their hearts becomes stronger and stronger
At last, when the mysterious road map was completely formed, they recognized the origin of the road map.
Isn’t this the point map of Pangu Qiaoqiao, which is the first time when the gods and demons practice together?
That is the highest achievement of the gods and demons. It lights up 365 gods and will connect them to push back Pangu Daoism.
Almost every terran
At the beginning of practicing the magic way of God, there was a heart that condensed out 365 gods.
It is a pity that most terrans have failed.
It’s too difficult!

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